Bali - CC0 / Public Domain
Bali - CC0 / Public Domain

5 Unusual Destinations for Foodie Couples

We all have different preferences when deciding which place to visit on a romantic getaway. But for couples who love to eat more than anything else, food would be an important factor to consider. Sure, there’s a seemingly endless menu of foodie destinations out there, but if you want to visit something unusual, here are some places to consider. These places may not be famous for their culinary offerings, but they have something to offer for foodie couples.


Fiji is home to more than 300 tropical islands fringed by colourful reefs under crystal-clear water. As a nation comprises mainly water, it’s no surprise that seafood makes up a large part of the Fijian cuisine. However, modern-day Fiji now offers a diverse range of culinary specialities with prominent Asian influences. 

Like its neighbours in the South Pacific, Fijian foods are centred around a few staple ingredients readily available in the country. Sweet potatoes, rice, taro, cassava, and coconuts make up a majority of the Fijian diet. Head to Wicked Walu Seafood Restaurant in Viti Levu for the tastiest seafood. Enjoy waterfront dining as you dig into the mouth-watering seafood grills. For a taste of traditional dishes, such as Fijian Kokoda, head to the Flying Fish Restaurant, the in-house restaurant of the Sheraton Fiji Resort. Its dining area faces the stunning view of the ocean and is surrounded by the resort’s beautifully designed water installations, creating a relaxed but upscale atmosphere.

For a truly relaxing way to enjoy your holiday, reside in a South Pacific overwater bungalow on the island of Fiji. These bungalows are the perfect accommodation if you’re looking for ultimate relaxation and privacy, all with an amazing view of the sea!


Balinese foods usually consist of noodles and rice, supplemented with meat, vegetables, eggs, and various spices. The locals eat mainly with their hands, and in the less touristy areas, you might not even be given cutlery. Discovering Bali’s food scene is a truly unique experience that you will never forget. 

Babi guling is one of the most popular Balinese dishes every foodie should try. It mainly consists of a suckling pig served with pork blood sausage, crispy pork skin, fried pork meat, and rice. If you’re interested in giving this dish a try, head to Ibu Oka. This local restaurant serves up some of the tastiest babi guling on the island. Bebek bengil is another Balinese favourite that is worth trying while on the island. Also called the “dirty duck”, this dish consists of a duck that has been steamed and seasoned with Indonesian spices and fried to perfection.

Satay, a skewered grilled meat, is another popular dish served in various restaurants in Bali. These skewers are slightly charred and seasoned with a sweet and savoury sauce. Each restaurant serves its satay somewhat different, but one of the best places to enjoy this dish is at Bali Asli.



Scotland may be more famous for its jaw-dropping scenery, but it also has an exciting food scene worth discovering. The most famous Scottish dish is haggis served with tatties and neeps, but the flavourful meat pudding and scotch pies are also worth trying.

Numerous restaurants throughout Scotland apply the seasonal “farm to table” principles. As the country is surrounded by water, there’s no shortage of excellent seafood to enjoy here. The Michelin-starred Castlehill Restaurant is one of Scotland’s most popular restaurants. It’s set along the thriving waterfront of Dundee and delivers sophisticated Scottish fares prepared using locally sourced ingredients. The seasonal menu includes modern dishes such as Scrabster hake served in a cosy dining room.

In St. Andrews, you’ll find the glass-walled Seafood Ristorante, where diners can enjoy the gorgeous views of the sea as they savour the delectable seafood delicacies. Feast on the Shetland mussels and Cumbrae Oysters as you take in the scenic views of St. Andrews Bay.


The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most unusual destinations to visit for foodies since little is known about its local delicacies. But if you do venture into this gorgeous country and explore its food culture, you’ll find some seriously delicious Bhutanese dishes. The food in Bhutan is influenced by its neighbouring countries of India, China, Nepal, and Tibet. 

Ema datshi is the most popular food in Bhutan that every visitor to the country should try. Made with chillies and cheese, you’ll find ema datshi in various eateries in Bhutan and is cooked with either dry red chillies or fresh green chillies. The best place to sample this Bhutanese dish is the Bukhari restaurant in Paro. It’s located inside Hotel Uma and has a cosy ambience with modern interiors. Kewa datshi is another dish you should try in Bhutan. Made with potatoes and Bhutanese cheese, many Bhutanese restaurants serve this dish, including the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant in Thimpu.

Shamu datshi, a cheese dish made with mushrooms, is also a must-try. The mushrooms can be of any variety, although the most commonly used variety is the Bhutanese Himalayan mushrooms. The mushrooms are then cooked in a cheesy stew and finished off with butter.


When people think of Iceland, images of extraordinary natural landscapes often come to mind. However, if you take the time to discover its culinary landscape, you’ll be amazed to know that the country boasts some of the world’s most unique and delicious foods. 

For a more convenient way of eating your way around the country, think about once in Iceland reserving a 4×4 rental. Having your own car allows you to visit interesting areas, including off-the-beaten-path places where you could find some seriously delicious foods. 

For centuries, Icelanders have relied mostly on lamb, fish, skyr, and a few other root veggies grown domestically in the country. Thus, it’s not surprising to find countless seafood restaurants that serve cod, ling, haddock, monkfish, and salmon. The Icelandic lamb, renowned worldwide for being exceptionally lean and flavourful, is also Iceland’s staple food. One of the Icelandic dishes made of lamb is the Hangikjöt, a delicious smoked lamb. You’ll find the Hangikjöt being served in various restaurants in Iceland.