ALEX HOTEL MARSEILLE: It’s the little things that count

HOTEL PROFILE – ALEX HOTEL MARSEILLE: It’s the little things that count


MARSEILLE, France – What’s an excellent hotel? Is it five stars GL distinction? A Michelin starred restaurant? A certain amount of awards won by the barman? Is it an exceptional concierge, or a central location in the city?

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For me the answer is simple: the little things.

When I’m traveling, the little details, the little things lead to a flawless experience that makes a hotel a great place to spend the night.

Marseille’s Alex Hotel may be a three star hotel but the little touches captivate.

I arrived at the hotel far too early – around five in the morning – but despite the hour, reception greeted me, helped me drop my things and offered coffee.

There is always self-service coffee in the lobby, an important detail. There’s also a basket full of fresh apples on the counter.

At the restaurant, instead of a breakfast buffet, there was someone who made fresh pancakes in the morning. Also, when the weather is hot, the indoor terrace is super cool – but never chilly.


The room itself is relatively small, but tastefully decorated. Everything is carefully designed and the walls have different colors according to sections of the hotel. Red, green, blue: it awakens the senses! There is nothing monotonous at Alex Hotel.

Here’s another focus that is not found elsewhere: people who work here speak several languages, many of them ​​fluently. Is there anything more important in the world of hospitality?


For your convenience, the hotel is located opposite the railway station. Superb!

It is not for nothing that Alex Hotel is so popular everywhere, from to Trip Advisor through Google!

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Alex Hôtel

13-15 Place des Marseillaises
13001 Marseille
+33 (0)4 13 24 13 24