Cedric Lizotte

Liverpool: “What is English food?”

Beatles fans know all the appeal of a first visit to Liverpool, England: it is the birthplace of the greatest rock band of all time. But do they know what's English food?...
Guide To Paris' Neighborhoods: L'Institut de France - Things to do in Paris

The Ultimate Paris Attractions by Arrondissement

Why do you need a Guide to Paris' Neighbourhoods? Because when you visit France, knowing which borough you're in is very important: not all of this city's areas are safe. And it's a gigantic city! Read......

Restaurants in Sept-Îles are Special!

In Sept-Iles, Quebec, there are some inevitable institutions for the traveler. Some old, some new. Le Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur is part of the first category. Settled in a parking lot between the city center and the industrial port, the restaurant has two sections: the first, a small gray and blue cabin where patrons order at the counter, then eat their snack at picnic tables; the second is the ultimate exaggeration of a giant lobster cage covered in a thick layer of Plexiglas, chock full of cheesy trinkets....

Cedric Lizotte

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