JoinedAugust 29, 2014
At the People’s Park in the centre of Chengdu, China, on Sundays, an incomprehensible Chengdu culture show, a sight that’ll make your head spin, unfolds. In the centre of the park, in a round, tree lined square, a group of women stroll on a catwalk in their everyday attire, as if they wanted to ridicule fashion shows.
The Chinese fishing nets of Kochi, Kerala, India
In a small alley in Kochi, Kerala, I am sitting at a table, outside, and I’ve just ordered a tea from the café nearby looking for a taste of Kerala, India. The sun has just set on the backwaters and the small hidden cafe, in an exceptionally quiet residential area, is abuzz with an Indian pop music.
Impressions of London
In London, England tourists can never see everything. When thinking about London, we think of things past: colonialism, pubs and beer, rock & roll, literature and film, red brick buildings, the Thames River, and all the grandiose monuments scattered in the city.