Cedric Lizotte

HOW-TO: Make a Red Roosevelt cocktail

It's not often that I'll pass the opportunity to have a bourbon cocktail, but this rum drink might make me hesitate between the two, it's that nice! It's orange-y, and sweet, and dark, and aromatic....
Oaxaca mezcal festival - Things to do in Oaxaca

Oaxaca’s Mezcal Festival Is as Crazy as You’d Expect

Oaxaca is the heartland of mezcal. For ten days each year, the city plays host to the Feria Nacional del Mezcal Festival, which is like Oktoberfest without the dirndls, and with highly potent booze instead of pitchers of beer....
The old cinema in Sept-Îles. Quebec

Québec: 4 Regions To Visit Outside Of Montreal

The province of Quebec, Canada, is the largest of the country. It’s roughly the same size as the whole country of Mexico. It’s wide open. And its two main cities, Montreal and Quebec, welcome a lot of tourists....
Montreal restaurants : Sushis @ shinji

5 must-try restaurants for every foodie in Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a foodie mecca. It’s one of the most celebrated culinary destinations in North America. Not only does Montreal have a very strong and vibrant immigrant community, bringing along its influences, techniques and ingredients, the city has a strong reputation for having a very unique food culture in itself. ...
Aeroport de Miami

What to do in Miami International : At Miami-Dade

Getting out of the plane, an employee points me towards my next gate. The airport is like a huge shopping mall: Starbucks and TGI Friday's are next to Duty Free shops and Hugo Boss outlets. ...
The Chinese fishing nets of Kochi, Kerala, India

Taste of Kerala: A Different Rhythm

In a small alley in Kochi, Kerala, I am sitting at a table, outside, and I’ve just ordered a tea from the café nearby looking for a taste of Kerala, India. The sun has just set on the backwaters and the small hidden cafe, in an exceptionally quiet residential area, is abuzz with an Indian pop music....
Impressions of London

London is exactly its stereotype

In London, England tourists can never see everything. When thinking about London, we think of things past: colonialism, pubs and beer, rock & roll, literature and film, red brick buildings, the Thames River, and all the grandiose monuments scattered in the city....

Cedric Lizotte

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