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Where to Eat in Paris: Le Restaurant de l'Hôtel

RESTAURANTS – Where to Eat in Paris: Eat Like a Local!

Paris is one of the culinary capitals of the world, and “where to eat in Paris” is a hotly-debated subject amongst locals. Thankfully, Continents & Condiments and Air Transat are here to give you the addresses where locals eat!...
Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Suckling Pig: Hong Kong at Night

My Impressions of Hong Kong: The Best Meal

You’re running in the pouring rain in the streets of a large city, maybe in Asia, or perhaps in England. You guide a somewhat eclectic group of Europeans, from a side of the street to the other, trying somehow to avoid the soup, which falls like strings of melted cheese from the sky; you climb a steep hill, going against the direction of the water flowing constantly down the street and past the already-full gutters....
Songkran Thai Festival - Photo free of rights

Get soaked during Songkran Thai festival!

Songkran Thai festival is the time of the year when everybody in Bangkok and throughout Thailand are launching bucketsful of cold water towards strangers while ...
Ginza. the must have on things to do in Tokyo list

C&C’s Complete Quick Guide for things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is - in my view - the most beautiful city in the world. Spending time there can be a challenge since there's so much to see! Here's my quick guide to the important sights and eats in the Japanese capital....
Books to Read Before Travelling

10 Novels to Read Before Your Next Vacation

Literature has the power to make you travel through your imagination. Visiting a destination after having read a great book can transform your experience. Here are 10 books - fiction or not - that will make your next trip an exceptional one....

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