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Barcelona Tapas Bars: Seven Places Not to Miss

BARCELONA, Spain – Culinary art in Barcelona is dominated by a typically Spanish format: tapas. In Barcelona tapas has been in fashion for a dozen years.

These small portions of a few mouthfuls, ideal to share, are an excellent introduction to the culture of Barcelona. The patatas bravas, fried potatoes served with aioli and a pimento sauce, probably represent the most famous dish. And it goes without saying to have a drink!


So here are 7 delicious tapas restaurants in Barcelona and a selection of what they have to offer.

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Best Tapas in Barcelona – Classic Barcelona Tapas Bars

El Xampagnet – Carrer de Montcada, 22 – +34 933 19 70 03

All that is classic about tapas and its culture is encapsulated here. El Xampagnet is a must stop for the many tourists who pass, as it is a great example of a classic Barcelona tapas bar. Moreover, the products served are of impeccable quality.

EAT: The tomato bread (Pa amb tomàquet in Catalan) and nice plump anchovies!

DRINK: A flute of Cava, of course!

Bar del Pla – Carrer Montcada, 2 – +34 932 68 30 03

At the Bar del Pla, sommelier Camila Espinoza discusses the wines of Catalonia and exceptional products that find their way to the small plates of the establishment. It is a place frequented by both young and old people.

EAT: The squid ink croquettes

DRINK: A white Catalan wine … Camila will know what to suggest!

Bar La Plata – Carrer de la Mercé, 28 – +34 933 15 10 09

All that is most authentic, Bar La Plata serves honest food at honest prices. The atmosphere is warm, as many neighborhood people as tourists eat and drink there. People there eat, drink, and laugh loudly.

EAT: Botifarra, the classic Catalan pork sausage

DRINK: Red vermouth, another Catalan classic! And no, it doesn’t taste like Martini Rosso…

Fàbrica Moritz – Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39 – 41 – +34 934 26 00 50 

Although tapas bars are generally small establishments where you can eat while standing up, the Moritz brewery is a huge restaurant that can accommodate groups and events. They also serve some classic tapas in addition to the popular Catalan beer.

EAT: Fried anchovies, eaten whole, head and bones included!

DRINK: A Moritz beer, obviously

Best Tapas in Barcelona – Modern Barcelona Tapas Bars

Quimet & Quimet – Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25 – +34 934 42 31 42

In Spain, seafood of the highest possible quality is put in tin cans. The contents of these cans is served with the utmost pride. To understand this phenomenon and drink the best wines from Spain and elsewhere, Quimet & Quimet is the place to go. Don’t miss this one!

EAT: A small canapé of mussels, caviar and tomato compote

DRINK: A glass of one of the hundreds of bottles adorning the walls

Tickets Bar – Av. Del Paraŀlel, 164 – +34 932 92 42 54

Brothers Albert and Ferran Adria are two of the most famous chefs on the planet. El Bulli had three Michelin stars at its closing in 2011. Today, they own several restaurants, including Tickets, their tapas bar. The concept of Tickets is a show of culinary art; eating there is a bit like going to the circus! The service can be done à la carte, of course, but also by way of “surprise,” via an infinite tasting menu. Reservations are required.

EAT: The “Crunchy Suckling,” a suckling pig sandwich on mini ciabatta

DRINK: An Estrella-here, Barcelona’s favourite beer is conditioned using nitrogen, giving a creamy taste to this light pilsner

Best Tapas in Barcelona – Tapeo, anem de tapes – Carrer de Montcada, 29 – +34 933 10 16 07

Chef Daniel Rueda and his team offer a modern version of the traditional tapas. Open for 5 years, Tapeo restaurant offers a twist on classic tapas with a completely reinvented, more laid back venue. And it it can come alive and be loud and boisterous on some evenings!

EAT: Leek confit and tapenade

DRINK: Catalan red wines!