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Porterhouse Steak

Our Favourite Restaurants In Griffintown, Montréal

Whether it’s for a 5 à 7 or for dinner, the best restaurants in Griffintown are there to serve the residents of the neighborhood. A bit like it is everywhere in Montreal, Griffintown is fortunate to have magical places. People come from every corner of the city to eat here!

If Griffintown has its share of flashy restaurants, all you have to do is search a little to find addresses that are worth a detour.

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Brasseur de Montréal

This microbrewery offers good beer, of course, but its bistro classic meals are probably the main attraction. They serve some of the best fries in town! And in the summer, they offer a cute patio.

Restaurant Le Richmond

Chic, glamourous, trendy, sparkling, luxurious, small portions – and glasses of bubbly!

Le Boucan

The American-style barbecue of chef Jonathan Nguyen and the rustic look of this little restaurant on Notre-Dame Street make it a must for enthusiasts of this culinary genre.

Try the smoked ribs, coleslaw, and don’t forget the famous smoked tomato soup.

Restaurant Nora Gray

This Italian restaurant is small, discreet, low-profile and may just be the number one best restaurant in Griffintown. It certainly competes for the title of best Italian restaurant in town! Try the agnolotti, the best in the whole city.


Grinder now has its own butcher shop. A steakhouse that has its own butchers and ages its own meat is worth a trip. With a name like this, you can expect some serious steaks, and the side vegetables are always a hit.

Le Bureau Bar A Tapas

This is the perfect place for a 5 à 7. Good tapas, great cocktails, and a classy but relaxed atmosphere.