Oracle Arena - California
Oracle Arena - Bryce Edwards under CC BY 2.0

California : Hotels for Sports Lovers

California – the Bay Area and Orange County specifically – is a sports lover’s paradise. Each year, many people travel to that part of the world to assist in some of the greatest sports competitions in the world. The best athletes constantly meet in the area, and fans from everywhere on the planet flock to see them.

The type of traveller that travels in order to visit stadiums, arenas and golf courses is called a sports traveller. And they need good hotels. And so, here are our suggestions for hotels for sports lovers!

San Francisco Airport, California a.k.a. The Beginning of Our Journey

The San Francisco airport is one of the busiest in the United States, and it’s also a good starting point for a California sport lovers’ trip. Of course, many planes land and depart at ridiculous hours, and the ones who have the misfortune of travelling at crazy times must have a place to rest their heads. And so, near the SF airport, there’s a hotel called Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport – South San Francisco. This hotel is ideal for people who want to stay a night at the airport!

From there, the sport lover will hit Oakland. There, the NBA, NFL and MLB have storied franchises.

The Golden State Warriors have one of the most dangerous teams in the National Basketball Association, and they won the championship in 2015. They play at Oracle Arena, which is a half-hour drive from the airport.

And the Oakland A’s play baseball at Coliseum, across the street from Oracle Arena!

Finally, the Oakland Raiders, the scary-looking NFL football team, also plays at Coliseum. Everything’s in one place!

For a Break, a Relaxing Time… and Golf at Pebble Beach

One of the most famous golf courses on the planet, Pebble Beach, is situated less than 10 miles away from the beautiful Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa. This hotel is the perfect match for the golf lover. It’s luxurious, offers wonderful views and, as the name suggests, is a spa, which is wonderful to have after a day on the links — as a player or a spectator!

Anaheim Is Home of Baseball and Hockey

Orange County – hey, the whole Los Angeles area! – is filled with storied sports franchises. Two of the most competitive teams, year-in and year-out, are the MLB’s Anaheim Angels and the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

While tickets to so many sports events can be costly, the Best Western Plus Meridian Inn & Suites, Anaheim-Orange is not. And it’s location is ideal! Free breakfast, a restaurant, a pool, free Wi-Fi — what else can a sports traveller want?

Back to San-Fran… And to the Airport

The journey is over; it’s time to get back to the San Francisco airport. And to be comfy and ready for an early flight, one can stay at the Holiday Inn San Francisco International Airport. Its amenities are great, and – don’t tell anyone – there might even be complimentary cocktails!

One more thing : there’s far more than just sports in California… there are plenty of awesome restaurants too. Check out Tour de Lust’s suggestions on where to eat in Big Sur!

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