10 Reasons Why You Need Your Smartphone for Travel

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives, and that includes travelling. Here’s why my phone is my travel companion. I’m also including with a few tips and tricks that might be useful on your next trip....
Travel alone, it's great!

Here Are All The Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone, It’s Great!

In this hypersocialised world – social media, online dating, etc. – some people are afraid of being alone, afraid of facing themselves, afraid of silence. Travelling alone allows us to grow and to accept the silence, to accept that it is part of life, and sometimes even appreciate its true value....
La Pergola, Rome - Foie gras parfait

La Pergola, Rome – Quite the Ordeal

ROME, Italy – Being treated to a wonderful fine dining restaurant is one thing. Being invited by one of the most iconic celebrity chefs out there – Heinz Beck –...

Top 10 Travel Scams to Watch Out For

To venture into exotic terrain is to also find ourselves in a place where we become the target of several potential scammers. Here are the most common travel scams....

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