Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps


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Read this while in West Africa or just before going!

From Wikipedia: Journey Without Maps (1936) is a travel account by Graham Greene, about a 350-mile, 4-week walk through the interior of Liberia in 1935. It was Greene’s first trip outside of Europe. He hoped to leave civilization and find the “heart of darkness” in Africa. The interior of Liberia was at the time unmapped (a US Government map had the interior as a large white space marked “cannibals”), and so he relied on local guides and porters. (…) He became ill halfway through the journey, during their stay at Zigiter, and almost died while in Zigi’s Town, near the end of the trip. During this experience he discovered that he had a “passionate interest in living” which “seemed that night an important discovery”. The trip also shaped his future writing career.