Super Absorbent Towels




SUPERIOR ABSORPTION AND QUICK DRYING – Best microfiber towels on the market. We use 330 GSM polyamide woven fabric, where most competitors use an inferior 220 GSM nylon fabric. Compare and see for yourself. Our towels offer the softest touch, absorb twice the capacity of regular micro-fiber towels, and dry up to 10X faster than regular cotton towels.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer the LIFETIME warranty. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We offer a no risk, 100% satisfaction guarantee or your moneyback. Change your mind about the towels? No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s that simple.

SMOOTH ON THE SKIN, STYLISH DESIGN AND LIGHT IN WEIGHT– Premium high quality blend of microfiber which feels luxurious and smooth on the skin. Elegant design which competes with towels made by Adidas, Under armour, Reebok, and Nike. Its lite weight makes it a perfect towel for traveling and sports. Unlike other microfiber and cooling towels which is made of material rough on the skin intended for industrial use, our Towel is designed to leave you with a nice feeling after touching the skin.

ANTI-SMELL (ODORLESS) AND ANTI-MICROBIAL– Unlike cotton towels, the special material of this microfiber Towel eliminates any germs or microbes which might cause any foul smell, odor, and diseases. No matter how wet it gets or how many times you use it, it will never smell and it will stay odorless or your money back guaranteed.

MULTIPURPOSE USE TOWEL WITH INTERACTIVE HANGING LOOP – A special design fabric loop (in sports towel size only) which makes the towel easier to carry and more convenient to hang on the waist, bicycle, racket, or belt. Despite its superior capacity, the towel is compact in size and comes in different sizes which allows it to be used as a Travel Towel, Golf Towel, Camping Towel and more.