Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - photo by Robert Linsdell under CC BY 2.0
Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - photo by Robert Linsdell under CC BY 2.0


Winnipeg: a multicultural Canadian city in the province of Manitoba, packed with annual festivals, nature trails, winter parks, historical sites and more. It is a great city to explore and here are some of the free things to do in Winnipeg:

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Free Things to Do in Winnipeg – Explore the Trails of Assiniboine Forest

Yes, there is a forest within the city of Winnipeg and it has trails for you to bike or hike. Assiniboine Forest is definitely a spot to explore – and you can do so for free!

Free Things to Do in Winnipeg – Get in Touch with Nature in Winnipeg’s Parks

St. Vital Park is a favourite for family picnics. You can be a kid again and roll on the grassy grounds of Assiniboine Park, while the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden found within it is perfect for taking some quiet retreat. You can take leisurely walks at Kildonan Park and find your way to a representation of the witch hut from “Hansel and Gretel”.

Free Things to Do in Winnipeg – Take a Stroll at The Forks Historic Port and Riverwalk

The historic port of The Forks is a great place for taking in magnificent views of the city skyline. Taking a stroll along its winding river walk allows one to see different sights from different vantage points.

Discover What Winnipeg Markets Have in Store

With all the options available, markets are great places for window shopping and taking a pulse of the local color. The Forks Market is filled with retail shops and food stalls. For anything local, Le Marché St. Norbert (a farmers’ market) is where you should be headed.

Feel Your Heart Race at Assiniboia Downs

From May to September, you can go to Assiniboia Downs and be with the crowd as they cheer on their favourite horses and jockeys.


Join Free Tours of St. Boniface Cathedral

Join a free tour of the St. Boniface Cathedral in Winnipeg from late May to Labour Day. Free tours are available from 11:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. These tours let you know more about the history of the cathedral and its cemetery.

Have Some Summer Entertainment at Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre in Assiniboine Park hosts ballet performances, live music and movie nights in the summer. The performances here are so varied that it attracts people of any age and taste. And all these can be enjoyed free of charge.

Manitoba Legislative Building

Guided tours of the Manitoba Legislative Building are available but if you want to hang on to that portion of your travel budget, you can always tour this neoclassical structure on your own. The grounds surrounding the building are dotted with statues and plaques that depict the rich history of Manitoba. And the Golden Boy atop the dome of the building is something not to miss.

Step Inside Johnston Terminal

This iconic landmark in Winnipeg is now home to shops, restaurants, office spaces and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Tour the Museums

There are museums in Winnipeg that offer free admission. Learn about the history of the Winnipeg Police Force at the Winnipeg Police Museum. For air force related memorabilia and exhibits, the Air Force Heritage Museum and Air Park would be your destination. The Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada is dedicated to the Holocaust victims. Visit the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre for Ukrainian culture in Winnipeg.

Witness the Hustle and Bustle at Winnipeg’s Union Station

Built in 1911, Union Station continues to brim with activity with a backdrop of elegant architecture and interior design.

Observe How Beer is made at Half Pints Brewing Company

Each Saturday at 1:00 p.m., the staff of Half Pints Brewing Company guide visitors through their beer-brewing process, as well as the company’s history. Being a free tour, it is recommended that you arrive early.

Gaze at the Wonder of Emptyful

“Emptyful” is the mammoth-sized public art that dominates the Millennium Library Park in Winnipeg. The sculpture resembles a laboratory flask and becomes an even more magnificent sight when illuminated with LED lights at night.

Learn about Winnipeg’s Art Scene at the Exchange District

Visit Winnipeg’s Exchange District every first Friday of the month and talk to artists, attend gallery openings, view crafts exhibits and browse the shops.

Revel in the Cold Months in Winnipeg’s Winter Parks

The cold months should not keep you indoors. You can have fun outdoors in Winnipeg through its winter parks and trails. Grab your skis and head to Arctic Glacier Winter Park or you can don your skates and try the Red River Mutual Trail.