Pig - bizarre ingredients
Pig for Halloween! - bizarre ingredients

On Halloween, Scare Your Guests With These Bizarre Ingredients!

It’s Halloween! It’s the perfect time to welcome family and friends over for a good meal, and why not cook some scary dishes? Here are some ideas of bizarre ingredients that are much better than a simple trick or treat!

Bizarre Ingredients: Bone marrow

For some, bone marrow is an irreplaceable delight. For others, it is a disgusting dish. A beef bone is cut lengthwise, then roasted and seasoned. The gelatinous substance inside of the bone is usually served on a slice of toast.

Bizarre Ingredients: Calf brain

Calf brains are a classic French dish. Lamb brains are typical in Arab culture. Mexican and Chinese people love pork brains. Why not give it a try?

Bizarre Ingredients: Durian

This Asian fruit has an extremely nauseating odor and a taste that is very different from its smell. Most hotels in Southeast Asia have signs urging their customers not to bring this fruit indoors. It’s the ideal ingredient for a game of truth-or-consequence!

Bizarre Ingredients: Beef Eyes

In Mexico, tacos have nothing to do with Old El Paso canned mixes. Over there, any good taqueria offers tacos de cabeza, which means “tacos of head”. Customers choose which part of the animal’s head – pork or beef – they want to consume in their tacos: tongue, cheek, brain, eyes!

Bizarre Ingredients: Turtle

Turtle is usually used to make soups. In Hong Kong, a “medicinal dessert” made from turtle shell is called Guilinggao. It is a green jelly with a herbaceous taste. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Guilinggao is good for the skin.

Bizarre Ingredients: Dog

Ok, ok, I’m kidding! But did you know that eating dog isn’t illegal in Canada?

Bizarre Ingredients: Chicken feet

A source of cheap protein, chicken feet is eaten everywhere in Asia, from Japan to the Philippines to South Korea. It is also an ideal opportunity to get a laugh out of your guests!

Bizarre Ingredients: Worms

Mescal, a Mexican drink made in the region of Oaxaca is made from the agave plant. In these immense plants, there are live small worms called gusanos. Some varieties of mescal have a small worm at the bottom of the bottle. In Mexico, if you’re lucky enough to end up with the gusano in your drink, you make a small prayer, thank the heavens, cheers to healthy friends, and swallow the worm. Will you be able to eat the insect?