Recette: Enough oil to cover the wok
Enough oil to cover the wok


This healthy stir fry is simple: everything’s explained in the name of the technique. So take your ingredients, prepare them, and put your frying pan at work!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A wok – or any frying pan

A couple of handfuls of bok choy
Two tablespoons of oil – I use canola oil
Two teaspoons of soy sauce
A pinch of freshly cracked black pepper
A teaspoon of sugar
A pinch of monosodium glutamate – optional

This recipe is an excellent base for all your stir-frys, since the technique remains the same, regardless of the ingredients. You can have many vegetables instead of one; you can add sauces like soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine, or a sambal; you can add dry items such as sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, black pepper, or even a good garam masala; it’s also possible to make a fried rice or fried noodles dish using this technique. It is, in fact, the base for Chinese cuisine. Here is a great way to work on your technique.

First, pay attention to the size of your bok chois. Are they mini, small, large? Do not forget that Chinese food is eaten with chopsticks. This requires that each piece of vegetable is cut into a perfect bite-size, so you can handle it with your wooden utensils.

I use bok choy shoots, which are very small. So I’ve cut them in half, lengthwise.

Then I use a wok, but any skillet will do.

Make sure to cover the bottom of your pan with a neutral oil (vegetable, canola oil, grapeseed). Then turn the heat to maximum, and turn on the hood fan!

Keep your eye on your pan. Once you see that your oil begins to emit smoke, grab your pieces of bok choy and throw them in. Beware of the smoke cloud!

After a few seconds, add the soy sauce, pepper, sugar and monosodium glutamate. Let the soy sauce evaporate, then stir your vegetables well.

The goal here is to make sure to allow the vegetables to stand at the bottom of the pan, without stirring, long enough for them to take on a golden color, but to stir before they reach the pungent black of burnt vegetables.

The time elapsed between the moment you put in your vegetables and the moment when you take them out of the pan should not exceed 90 seconds.

That’s it! Enjoy your meal…

Quick and easy
Quick and easy