Holiday villas with private chef in Ibiza


Ibiza is world-renowned for being a luxury holiday destination. But, it’s not just the beaches, bars, and villas themselves that are world-class, it’s the rich choice of exclusive services that accompany them. As seen on Eivillas, the best way to make use of a luxury villa is by making use of personalised services, be it a private chef, massage, or outdoor cinema.

Private Chef

For most of your travels to a holiday destination, you will have your eyes set on arriving at the accommodation. But, arriving in a vast, empty villa can actually be quite stressful. Is tap water safe to drink? Or, needing to go right back out because you haven’t eaten, but is anywhere open at 11pm?

A private chef service can transform your holiday experience. Firstly, when arriving at the villa, you will find it stocked with food, water, and alcoholic beverages. Suddenly, your house becomes a home, as opposed to an empty shell upon arrival. In fact, this service is available without paying for a chef.

But, it’s no fun cooking on holiday. Being in a new place should mean having time to experiment with local, authentic dishes that inspire you to cook when going home. Instead, many of us get caught in doing it the wrong way around – too busy cooking and not enough time exploring.

A private chef can alleviate this worry surrounding food, meaning you have more time for activities. Plus, private chefs for luxury villas are world-class cooks. They will create impeccable, restaurant-quality food as and when you need it.


The other stress of a holiday can be navigating your way around, finding where the rental car is parked, and then driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Concierge services can help organise flights and private transfers, meaning you’re picked up at the airport and offered help with your baggage. Ibiza may be an island, but it’s not small by any stretch.

Private driver

Many people get confused between a concierge and a private driver. The latter is more bespoke to driving you to local attractions, offering useful advice, and ensuring you’re safe wherever you go. Ibiza has a lot of mountains, and driving through them can be daunting for some. A private driver can allow you to give full attention to the children – or the stunning outside views – whilst the driver takes care of finding a place to park. They can also be useful in sharing local knowledge and tips on how to make the most of your visit.


Finally, you can combine your stay in a luxury villa with hosting an event. Event organisers, be it for gala receptions, birthdays, or weddings, can organise you an incredible party in your private villa. This is perhaps the best way to make use of the swimming pool, BBQ, and large private area that a villa offers, and of course catering can also be supplied.

If you’re not having a wedding but still want to hold an event, one idea is to book a private cinema in your villa. This service includes the projector and installation so you can have an outdoor cinema for the evening.