Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - photo by tsaiproject under CC BY 2.0
Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - photo by tsaiproject under CC BY 2.0


Ottawa is never short on Instagram-worthy locations. Here are some of the Instagrammable places in Ottawa to add into your stories:


Instagrammable Places in Ottawa – ByWard Market

Beguiling street art, trendy bars, homely pubs and an assortment of items on display should be enough to capture your interest and head to ByWard Market with your camera in tow. Also, the Ottawa sign in the area would be hard to miss.

Instagrammable Places in Ottawa – Canadian Museum Of Nature

If the exterior of the museum is not enough, step inside and you will find more wonders to take pictures of. The building follows Gothic Revival and Sottish baronial styles and houses several galleries featuring fossils, minerals, rocks, mammals, water environments and other topics related to nature.

Instagrammable Places in Ottawa – Central Experimental Farm

Central Experimental Farm holds a lot of dramatic structures and attractions that your gallery will love. There’s the Dominion Observatory, Dominion Arboretum and Fletcher Wildlife Garden. There are also several gardens and fields, with some dedicated to rocks, roses, perennial plants and sunflowers.

Instagrammable Places in Ottawa – Chateau Laurier

A national historic site of Canada, this French Gothic Revival Châteauesque-style hotel holds apparently unlimited possibilities for snapping pictures.


Instagrammable Places in Ottawa – Mer Bleue Bog Trail

For that northern, boreal feel, try hiking through the Mer Bleue Bog Trail. While on it, don’t forget to snap some pictures of the views you will find along the way.

National Gallery of Canada

It’s no secret the museums hold tons and tons of profound sights. On this note, the National Gallery of Canada presents almost boundless opportunities for photo shoots.

Nepean Point

To get brilliant views of the Ottawa skyline, head to Nepean Point. The hill provides a scenic panorama of the city of Ottawa, along with the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill and several other landmarks.

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

It’s definitely irresistible to have this Neoclassical/Gothic Revival church in your gallery. While it may look modest from the outside, once inside you will be treated to a cavalcade of elegant décor.

Ottawa Art Gallery

What better place to take Instagrammable photos than in an art gallery? With thousands of artwork in its collections, along with an appealing architecture and dazzling interiors, there’s simply a lot that Ottawa Art Gallery can add into your Instagram story.

Parliament Hill

The neo-Gothic Parliament Hill has lush grounds and spectacular building complex that constantly attracts locals and tourists alike.

Princess Louise Falls

One of the best ways to step away from the hustle and bustle of urban Ottawa is through visiting Princess Louise Falls. A great spot for picnics and taking pictures, this is often referred to as a “secret waterfall” in Ottawa.

Remic Rapids Park

This picturesque riverfront park has become well-photographed due to the balanced-rock sculptures found there.

Rideau Canal

Strolling down Rideau Canal allows you to see many different sights. There are pleasure boats, iconic buildings, pretty skylines and a lot others. And you know what this means – more chances of taking jaw-dropping shots!

Rideau Hall

An Ottawa landmark that features Regency, Norman Revival and Florentine Renaissance Revival architecture, Rideau Hall is out to impress. Along with the marvellous art and noteworthy cabinetry that fills the interior plus the gorgeous grounds; Rideau Hall is unquestionably Instagram-worthy.

York Street Steps

Near ByWard Market, one can find the York Street Steps that links Sussex Drive to Mackenzie Avenue. The steps became a faddish spot through the vivid murals found on them.