Angkor Wat, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, Buddhist temple | Source: Unsplash
Angkor Wat, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, Buddhist temple | Source: Unsplash

Mekong River Cruise: Exploring the Treasures of Cambodia and Vietnam

Tourism is an exciting affair, whether a vacation or a honeymoon; there are several places you could go to for a great experience. One such place is the Mekong River, which spans 4,900 km, and is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The river flows from its source in the Tibetan Plateau through Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

The Mekong River is remarkable on its own and is often regarded as a cruise destination filled with rich cultures, and different ethnicities, with an endless supply of biodiversity. The River of Nine Dragons will also take you through various temples where the locals worship their gods and many other interesting sights that have held travelers spellbound for years.

Even more exquisite is the river cruise that takes you through Cambodia and Vietnam. Cambodia and Vietnam have stunning landscapes, historical temples, and cities where their legacies mix. There are many things to do on this cruise. You could explore Angkor and its valued treasures or visit the traditional villages and learn about a day in the lives of the artisans, monks, or farmers. 

As a tourist, you should ensure that you’re in good health because you’d have to walk or stand at intervals to get the full scope of the cruise. Some of your daily activities might include walking through humid uneven terrains, hiking, which could be short or long, depending on your strength, swimming, and visiting culture-rich and historic sites. 

Discover Sites in Cambodia 

Cambodia is located in the southeastern region of the Asian continent. Cambodia, full of life and ancient history, houses one of Angkor’s most prestigious temples. There are fascinating waterfalls, resorts, beaches, and temples that fully represent the way of life in Cambodia. 

The best Mekong cruise will take you through the following places in Cambodia. 


Two primary reasons people visit Angkor are Bayon, the temple with several faces carved on stone, and Angkor Wat, the most impressive religious building. If you’re a big fan of history or love sightseeing and discovering new places, you’ll have fun exploring all the corners of Angkor. 


Blessed with rice fields and sugar palms, the Bunong people, who are indigenous to Mondulkiri, live as their ancestors did. They practice animism worshipping, and the place is perfect for ecotourism and wildlife. 

Phnom Penh

The Mekong River cruise can take you through Phnom Penh, the city chiefly influenced by French colonization. The city welcomes you with delicious food and captivating sights. 

Tràng An, Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình, Vietnam | Source: Unsplash
Tràng An, Hoa Lư, Ninh Bình, Vietnam | Source: Unsplash

Discover Sites in Vietnam

Vietnam has an allure of its own. On a cruise through magical landscapes and adventurous sites, you will experience only pleasure as you go. Here are some places you might encounter on your trip. 

Hoi An

Here’s a spot that will add more color to your exciting cruise. Famous for its Lantern Festival that lasts a week, people living in Hoi An light up colorful lanterns and send them to the sky or onto the river. You can take pictures of this festival or participate in it yourself. 

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is where you whip out your camera and take the time to capture beautiful memories that last you a lifetime. Cat Ba island has incredible views, a vast national park, and a breathtaking rainforest that you’ll see as you arrive at the Ngu Lam Peak. Although it will be an easy hike, you’ll have to walk through these parts, so be prepared. But if you’re in for more fun and don’t mind hiking, the Cang Viet Hai Trail will give you the challenge you seek with its steep and slippery peaks and paths. 

Mekong Delta

Atop every tourist’s bucket list is a cruise on the Mekong Delta. One of the most endearing sights you’ll catch is the stilted-looking villages appearing as the river courses through Vietnam and descends the Tibetan Himalayas. Other sights would be the islands where the indigenous still live simple lives and the paddy fields where rice is grown. 

It’s a Cruise to Remember! 

There’s no better time to experience beauty than the present. 

After reading this article, now would be the best time to pack your bags and book the next flight out of your country. While the places mentioned above are only part of the things you should expect, you’d get the whole experience when you get to the Mekong River.

So, with the appropriate outfit for the sweltering atmosphere in Southeast Asia, your camera for the most breathtaking pictures, and the right attitude, you’ll indeed have a memorable Mekong cruise. Do let us know about your experience.