Prague Photography
Prague Photography: Staroměstské náměstí

Prague Photography: Locations And Tips For The Best Souvenir Pictures

Prague’s architecture makes it one of the most photogenic cities on the planet. The capital of the Czech Republic combines architectural styles – Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and even Romanesque – in a fascinating way. In turn, Prague photography is truly sought after! This is one of the reasons why Prague is the 19th most visited city in the world.

Would you like to discover the most breathtaking views of Prague and make beautiful photos?

Here’s a guide of locations, tips for better photography, and a complete Google Map of the places mentioned in this article is included at the bottom of the article!

Prague Photography: The Café Of The Dancing House

Tančící dům, unique architectural beauty, is a building by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic which is located on the banks of the Vltava. At the top are a café and a platform that offers a 360-degree view of the city. It is the perfect spot to watch the sunset, take in a view of the river, and from there, one can see Petrín Park, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

Prague Photo Tips

Let’s start with basics. When taking a picture, always figure out where the light comes from so as not to take a photo against it. Make sure the light shines onto your subject. Basically, don’t do like the photo below!

Prague Photography: At The Corner Of The Legií Bridge And Smetanovo Nábrezí

What could be better than a superb view of the Vltava River, the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle to practice photography? Here is the landscape that can be found in all travel blogs and tourist guides!

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Prague Photo Tips

When taking a picture in low light, place your camera on a still surface. Make sure your camera does not move at all. Then, press the shutter button, and let the machine do its work!

Prague Photography: Petrín Park

Walking straight ahead on the Legií Bridge from the right bank of the Vltava, you can see a hill with lush vegetation. A few minutes of active walking will suffice to climb it, and up there, you’ll find Petrin Park. This place will give you a view of the castle from another angle.

Prague Photo Tips

For a more interesting view, use the optical zoom of your camera. Be careful if you use your smartphone’s camera: the zoom is digital and therefore decreases the quality of your image when you use it.

Prague Photography: Terasa U Zlaté studne

In the Old Town of Prague, the terrace of the restaurant at the Golden Well hotel offers a spectacular panoramic view. If you want to have lunch there, you’ll need reservations.

Prague Photo Tips

To successfuly take pictures of landscapes, prefer a horizontal framing and use the light of the sunset or better still, the golden hour at sunrise. At this hour, the warm, grazing light creates shadows that give the landscape its personality.

Prague Photography: The Beer Bar At Letná Park

In the north of the city, Letná Park offers an alternative view of Prague. Position yourself next to the small open-air beer bar to get an almost complete panorama of the city. If you pay attention, you can see each of the city’s important buildings.

And if you feel peckish, the beer basr offers beers and sausages at low prices, and is ideally located outdoors among trees!

Prague Photo Tips

There are several softwares that allow you to paste several photos one after the other to create a panorama. However, if you do not want to dive in the world of these complicated programs, use the panorama option on your smartphone, even if you own another camera!


After your visit to Letná Park, take the tram line 17 along the Vltava to Prague’s Vysehrad. It was built in the 10th century and today offers a superb view of the city, a beautiful park, a pleasant walk and the opportunity to visit the Church of St. Paul and St. Peter.

Prague Photo Tips

Sunsets are always nicer when you underexpose the picture.

Riegrovy Sady

Although Riegrovy Sady is located in the neighborhood of Zizkov, a somewhat less charming part of the Czech capital, this large city park frequented by Prague’s residents is worth a visit. You will appreciate the authentic aspects of this park which is not frequented by tourists. Take a stroll around the park, and you will discover a beautiful view of the city.

Prague Photo Tips

When taking a picture, try to follow the rule of thirds. This rule discourages the placement of an object at the center of the photo.

Position the horizon line at the bottom third or top third of the photo.

Hotel U Prince

To finish, head to the rooftop terrace of the restaurant of the hotel U Prince. On one side you will have a superb view of the Old Town Square, and on the other, the Prague Castle.

If possible, go there at dusk or at night.

The food in the restaurant is ordinary, but the place is always full of patrons. So here’s a tip: instead of having dinner on site, come to the establishment at about 11 pm. The terrace closes at 11:30 pm, so you will have a good half hour to sip a glass or herbal tea in peace.

Prague Photo Tips

Never use a flash when taking a picture of landscapes (neither night nor day!). Do manual tests, you will get much more satisfactory shots.