Quebec Vacations: Baie-Johan-Beetz
Quebec Vacations: Baie-Johan-Beetz


MONTREAL, QUEBEC – The province of Québec’s most popular summer activities – Quebec food and drink – are some of the most frequent reasons for heading there on holiday. For me, it’s really the only reason for traveling in Québec! It’s without a doubt the Canadian capital of the pleasures of the mouth.

Whether you’re in the Gaspé, in the Saguenay, on the Côte-Nord or in the Eastern Townships, in Quebec, you eat and drink like in no other province of the country.

If Montreal is at the top of the foodie destinations in North America along with New York and Mexico City, it is important to note that the metropolis is not the only delicious destination in the province.

So here are my favorite addresses in the province of Quebec… for the pleasures of the mouth.

Quebec Food and Drink: Quebec City, the Big Village

The city of Quebec is like a big village: everyone knows each other, intruders are scrutinized, and all the restaurants make about the same type of food. But why fix what’s not broken?

Eat: L’Affaire is Ketchup is a very small restaurant in the Saint-Roch neighborhood and serves “Québécois modern” food. It’s focused on animal protein, hearty dishes, artisenal cheeses, served without fuss!

DrinkLe Projet is my favorite bar in Quebec City. Several beers from different microbreweries in a bar in a former bank. The beer menu is always changing.

Quebec Food and Drink: Côte-Nord and its Rugged Side

Côte-Nord is a gigantic region. There are 800 kilometers between Tadoussac and Natashquan, and it is almost the only road in the whole administrative region. This means that hundreds of kilometers of land north of the St. Lawrence River are virtually virgin!

Eat: The restaurants on the Côte-Nord are representative of the place: simple, never pretentious, always focused on the ingredients. Edgar Café Bar, for its part, brings a bit of European flair to a well-crafted bar kitchen.

Drink: On holiday in Tadoussac, you must at least spend an evening at the Gibard. It’s essential.

Quebec Food and Drink: Saguenay, It’s Not Just a Fjord!

The people of the region of Saguenay are always full of personality. It is the main reason to go there! In addition, there is everything you need for stunning hiking, majestic camping, and unusual kayaking. And Quebec food and drink, too!

Eat: It’s not a restaurant that offers “local food”. Note that the restaurant is right next door from my choice of bar. And I am also aware that there are hundreds of places to eat. And, yes, I know that Saguenay is a gigantic administrative region, and there is no reason to choose two places that are side by side. It does not matter. In the summer, in the sunshine, after a day spent on the beach on the St-Jean lake, this small restaurant in a garage with an eclectic look and a menu that makes no sense simply makes me happy. Tacos y Salsa is a restaurant open only in summer. There, the atmosphere is as important as the food.

DrinkLa Microbrasserie du Lac-Saint-Jean, in Saint-Gédéon, has earned its place in my personal top-5 Quebec microbreweries.

Quebec Food and Drink: Do Not Forget Charlevoix

Once passed Quebec, once passed Île d’Orléans, on the northern shore of the St. Lawrence, there is the region of Charlevoix. Within it, there are beautiful roads, canyoning, speleology, hunting, luxury hotels … and Quebec food and drink!

Eat: If you say the words “Charlevoix” and “restaurant” in the same sentence, I will immediately answer Les Labours, the restaurant of the Germain hotel in Baie-Saint-Paul. Chef Sylvain Dervieux knows how to run a kitchen.

Drink: The Beaux-Prés Microbrewery is located directly on the 138 in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. It is easy to find, and its beer is easy to drink!