Hotel Das Stue Berlin: Hip Hotel With a Flair For Design

BERLIN, Germany – Some hotels want to have that classic elegance. Other hotels look for functionality above all. Some will try to have everything under one roof. Others prefer to offer cutting edge design and be at the avant-garde at all levels. Just like Das Stue Berlin.

When I entered the hotel for the first time, after a beautiful walk along the edge of the spectacular Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany, I was expecting something grand, old and maybe a bit cliché. The neo-classic facade doesn’t give up what’s inside at all! Das Stue (which means “living room” in Danish) is cutting edge in every which way, from its contemporary design and art pieces, to its fun living rooms on each story, all the way to one of the best restaurants in the world, Cinco.

Of course, this being a 5-star hotel, the people at the hotel Das Stue pull out all the stops to make everybody’s stay as enjoyable as possible, and the amenities offered to guests are endless, but it’s the flair for design that makes this place so special.

The entrance is a long and gorgeous walkway with hundreds of tiny lights dotting the lobby. Walking past the reception, through the entrance and reaching the lounge and bar area, the first thing I noticed was a gorilla sculpture made with chicken wire. It’s a piece by Benedetta Mori. There are many other incredible pieces of art in this hotel, including a crocodile sculpture and many other treats for the eyes!

Fancy stylish chairs and awesome interior design make this lounge and bar area truly a place in which you want to stay, at least for a little while. And the cocktails aren’t half bad, either!

Das Stue Berlin: The Rooms

Before reaching the rooms, I took a tour of all the “living rooms” (the theme of the hotel) that are adjacent to the staircase. Each floor has a different living room with couch, coffee table, sculptures, libraries, where guests can sit and play with their kids, or relax and read a book, or use whatever they can find!

On to the room: when I step into a room like this one, I like to take a good look at the bed, the desk and the bathroom. But that’s not what I did at Das Stue.

Avant-garde and stylish usually include new tech. This means that the presence of a Smart TV with satellite cable and plenty of cool apps shouldn’t surprise anyone. However somehow it always manages to catch my attention! As soon as I saw the TV with the remotes and what seemed to be a made-for-this-hotel TV app, I grabbed the remote and played with it for about an hour.

And the WiFi is superfast, too. Of course it is.

The rooms are as elegant as the lounge and bar area and the attention to detail in the design of the place is stunning. Yet, as wonderful as it may be, I didn’t feel like staying in my room for too long.

Das Stue Berlin: Cinco by Paco Perez

I didn’t stay in my room. I didn’t want to. Because Das Stue is home of the best restaurants in the world.

Paco Perez owns five Michelin stars. The restaurant at Das Stue, Cinco, has one. And the meals there are a crazy adventure that should not be missed. This experience deserves a longform article in its own.

Let’s just say that the meal took over four hours, every single bite was a playful, unexpected and delicious endeavour, and that the wine pairings were stunning.

What did I eat? The “experience menu” has 20 courses of deconstructed, molecular, artistic, delicate, subtle tastes that will baffle even the most experienced foodies. Believe me!


Das Stue Berlin: Spa, Pool, Tiergarten, Berlin Zoo

If having great design, art, in-room amenities, and staff wasn’t enough, Das Stue also has an indoor pool that can be used by all the guests. That’s right, a 14-metre indoor pool where you can go swim your laps. The gym is big and has the latest gadgets, and many different classes are available. Yoga, jogging concierge, massages, treatments… It’s not exactly my kind of stuff, but it’s all the rage, and so there you have it!

One more thing: Das Stue has a private entrance to the adjacent Berlin Zoo. From the outdoor terrace, it’s possible to step into the Berlin Zoo!

This also means that some of the rooms on the highest stories have a great view over the Tiergarten and the Zoo.

At Das Stue, one would be forgiven for forgetting about the wonderful city of Berlin that lies outside of the gates of that grandiose hotel…

Das Stue
Drakestraße 1, 10787 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 3117220

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