What to Eat In Munich: All The Classics!

MUNICH, Germany – The capital of Bavaria is known for its beer festival, Oktoberfest, and it dictates what to eat in Munich. Every year people drink hundreds of litres of good beer, eat kilometres of sausage and scarf down thousands of roast chickens. But does Munich, during the rest of the year, resemble the city that we see in the news each year? Well, a little bit, yes…

Eating in Munich is all about the classics. There’s sausage, chicken, pork, beer, of course. But when you go looking for something “different”, you find other classics, too: excellent Turkish, Italian, French food!
There is a very large Turkish community in Munich, and some of the restaurants around Goethestraße and Schillerstraße offer beautiful traditional dishes.

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Munich is not a city at the climax of the culinary adventure, and its inhabitants are not the friendliest, but it’s super easy to eat very well. Here are some interesting addresses!

What to eat in Munich
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What to Eat In Munich: Spatenhaus

When we think of Munich, we think of the classics of German cuisine. Braised pork, roast duck, sauerkraut, beer, heavy and dark multigrain breads, sausages of all kinds … And we imagine eating in one of these immense rooms with wooden shades where people of all ages engulf their beer at a phenomenal speed. This is the “brauhaus” experience. The Spaten brewery has its own restaurant, the Spatenhaus, and offers exactly what the cliché requires. The clichés have to come from somewhere, right? Click here to see what an evening at the Spatenhaus looks like. And for digestif, a visit at the restaurant across the street, Kuffler Restaurant!

Spatenhaus an der Oper – Residenzstraße 12, 80333
Kuffler restaurant – Hofgraben 9, 80539

What to Eat In Munich: Dallmayr

Any self-respecting foodie will start a visit to Munich with Dallmayr. It’s a delicatessen that offers the best of everything in a luxurious setting. It’s simple: the best quality of all products imaginable at the peak of their freshness.
But Dallmayr is also a luxury restaurant, double-starred by the Michelin guide, and considered as one of the best restaurants in all of Europe. For my part, I frankly loved my experience. All that was served to me was simply sublime… except for one dish. Want to know which? Click here to read my review of Dallmayr restaurant on my brand new blog, The Fine Dining Blog.

Restaurant Dallmayr – Dienerstraße 14, 80331

Things To Do In Munich: Le Cézanne

From fine modern cuisine with a twist, we go to classic French fare. Restaurant Le Cézanne, in the chic Schwabing district, has been held for nearly 20 years by French chef Patrick Geay. He takes care of all the dishes, and his wife takes care of the service. Everything I ate there was delicious.

Le Cézanne, Konradstraße 1, 80801

What to Eat In Munich: Nage & Sauge

This young and trendy restaurant and bar offers inexpensive sandwiches and pasta dishes in addition to a fine selection of local beers. And it’s open late! Why not go for a drink and observe the local flora before going to bed?

Nage & Sauge – Mariannenstraße 2, 80538

What to Eat In Munich: Restaurant Pageou

This restaurant is located in the heart of the historic district of Munich and offers meals meticulously assembled in a grandiose setting. I especially enjoyed the duck ravioli!

Restaurant Pageou, Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 10, 80333

Munich is a very conservative city and a business centre. It’s a city that’s entrenched in its ways and will not change anytime soon. And as a traveller, this has a certain charm, as it can feel like stepping onto a movie set, or even like going back in time! And while you’re at it, try the local beers, there are so many delicious ones…

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