Top 3 wines to match with these recipes for the holidays
Top 3 wines to match with these recipes for the holidays

Top 3 wines to match with these recipes for the holidays

The holidays are always a time of gathering and the end of 2021 will probably be an even bigger one than usual. This means that both hosts and guests will want to impress even more. And what is a successful dinner party without the proper wines?

Here’s a quick guide on how to properly match 3 courses with the appropriate wines.

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Appetizer: light seafood with a rosé

A tartare that combines fresh, raw salmon with smoked salmon along with lemon zest and scallions is a great first course. Serve it alongside toast Melba and a pile of tiny spoons and allow your guests to build their own bites.

And it goes wonderfully well with Chartogne-Taillet : Le Rose Brut. This bubbly pink wine has dry, citrusy notes that pair with the salmon and leaves a fresh aftertaste after each bite.

First course: asparagus with a poached egg

The combination of asparagus with a poached egg – runny yolk and all – is one of the most classic ones out there. 4 steamed and/or grilled asparagus sprigs, a poached egg, salt+pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice is all you need to make your palate sing.

And this dish pairs perfectly with orange wine. In this specific situation, don’t hesitate to browse the selection on the website. There are many interesting options!

Main course: steak au poivre

Steak au poivre is a French classic which can be served with many different sides. The traditional recipe can be somewhat intimidating to make. Fear not, we have the solution: this ultra-simple rendition of the French classic by chef Marco Pierre White tastes like a million bucks. Don’t tell your guests it took you 10 minutes to put together!

The absolute best wines to pair with beef come from the Bordeaux region in France. My quick suggestion: Chateau Fombrauge 2016. Impossible to go wrong with that!