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Top 5 Incredible European Destinations for Foodie Families

Europe is a beautiful continent home to incredible food destinations, making it a great destination for foodie families. And while it might be a bit of a challenge to eat your way around Europe when travelling with picky kids, it’s hardly the case anymore. Some of the best restaurants in Europe have adapted child-friendly menus to accommodate families with little kids. 

So, check out the list below if you’re wondering which places to visit for an incredible culinary experience in Europe with the family.

Croatia – Dubrovnik

While Croatia is famous for its jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes, it also has delicious cuisine, making it one of the best destinations for families who love good food. Its gastronomic landscape features fresh ingredients from the sea and influences from the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Dubrovnik is a wonderful place to start your foodie adventure in Croatia. Famous for its distinctive Old Town surrounded by massive stone walls, the city also offers plenty of fun activities for families with kids. In fact, you’ll find many holiday villas in Dubrovnik that cater to families. Many dishes in Dubrovnik are made from ingredients derived from the sea, such as grilled fish flavoured with olive oil and lemon juice. Blitva, which features chunks of boiled and pan-fried potatoes, is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish.

Black risotto is another famous speciality in Dubrovnik that is worth a try. The dish got its distinct black colour from the squid ink, and the recipe also includes shellfish, such as clams and mussels. Order the buzara, a Croatian stew made of mussels, shrimps, or clams and cooked in olive oil, fresh herbs, and wine.

Italy – Rome

Italians are good at making mouth-watering dishes using a wide range of local ingredients, making it the best destination for families who love foods. While the country is renowned for its pizza and pasta, there’s definitely more to Italian foods than these, which you will discover during your visit. 

Rome is an essential stop on a trip of Italy’s cities and a great place to start your Italian culinary adventure. And given the many historical sites and attractions scattered across the city, you can expect to do lots of walking here, so make sure you stock up on carbs to keep the kids energised. Head to one of the restaurants in the city and order a generous serving of carbonara. While this dish may be familiar to you, Rome’s version is served with a dusting of cheese and lots of guanciale, a cured meat derived from pork cheeks.

Pasta dishes all over Italy are often limited to a few ingredients. For instance, the cacio e pepe consists only of pecorino cheese, pasta, and black petter. Yet, it’s one of the most delicious pasta you could ever taste! As you walk through the city, make your way to one of the gelaterias and treat yourselves to a scoop or two!

Greece – Paros 

Greece is one of the best destinations for a family holiday in Europe, especially families who love good food. Like many Mediterranean countries, Greece is famous for its rich and flavourful dishes cooked in olive oil and wine, complemented by fresh seafood, fish, meat and veggies. But with so many wonderful places to enjoy great food in Greece, where should you go?

The beautiful Cycladic Island of Paros is a great destination for foodie families. It has amazing locations for a Paros family villa getaway, whilst it’s also home to many excellent restaurants serving local specialities like grilled octopus, sun-dried mackerel, and fresh mullet. The gastronomic scene of Paros features contemporary and traditional cuisines prepared by several well-known chefs who have established a foothold on the island. 

Take the family to Siparos, a seaside restaurant lying on the beach of Santa Maria. It is famous for its stunning location and mouth-watering foods. This seaside restaurant serves a variety of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines, including fresh salads and a delectable seafood menu that includes calamari and grilled octopus. Come here just before sunset to enjoy the spectacular views!

Spain – Barcelona 

Hungry families will surely be spoilt for choice in Spain. As one of the best destinations in Europe for food lovers, Spain has rich gastronomic offerings. And if there’s only one place you can visit in the country for food, make it Barcelona.

Barcelona is home to a variety of dining spots, from old-fashioned tavernas lining its Gothic Quarter to sleeker gourmet places and hip cafes. The city is famous for its paella and a variety of seafood dishes. Head to the Barceloneta neighbourhood, which lies by the sea, to sample the tastiest paella in the city. Spend your morning at La Boqueria, a bustling market and one of the city’s most popular tourist landmarks. But don’t just look around – order a glass of cava and some escalivada roast veggies or whatever specials are available on the board.

Barcelona is also a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. You’ll find many chocolate shops and dairy shops all over the city. Get a taste of the city’s famous desserts, from Crema Catalana to Leche frita and Pastisset.


The UK – London

The UK is a country of foodies. According to a survey, around half of the Brits would go abroad just for food. With the Brits’ love for food, it’s not surprising why the UK is considered one of the best destinations for foodies. 

London tops the list when it comes to foodie destinations in the UK. Voted the world’s best food city, London is home to excellent dining places, from Michelin-starred establishments to cosy pubs and cafes. Moreover, London is a family-friendly city, offering plenty of attractions and activities to families with kids. For the classic Fish & Chips, make your way to the Fish House, Victoria Park’s famous seafood haunt. Aside from the usual fish & chips, order the teriyaki-baked salmon bowl, one of its famous dishes. 

Sunday Roast is another favourite among Londoners, traditionally eaten on a Sunday afternoon after church. The Castle, a restaurant in a residential area near the Whitechapel Gallery, is an ideal place to enjoy delicious Sunday roasts. You can choose from three protein options, which usually consist of chicken, beef, and pork.