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New York City - CCO

Top 5 US States for Foodie Travellers

From distinctive cultural fares to homegrown dishes you won’t find anywhere else, a large part of getting to know a new place is indulging in its delectable cuisines. So, if you’re travelling to the US, make sure you discover its food scene. Every US state offers something delicious and unique when it comes to gastronomic specialities. 

Here are the top five US states for foodie travellers if you need inspiration on where to go.


As USA’s second-largest state, it’s not surprising why Texas is considered one of the best places for foodies to visit. It offers numerous options for families who love food. Some of the best cities for food lovers to visit in Texas are Houston, Nashville, and Austin.

Houston may be famous for its skyscrapers, eclectic galleries, grassy parks, and burgeoning art scene, but what you may not know is that Houston has a thriving food scene that every food lover should discover. The city is famous for its barbeque joints, which most people associate with briskets and baby back ribs. However, pulled pork is also a must-try. Meanwhile, Nashville is a great place for those who crave Southern cooking and international fusion cuisines. Some of the best foods to try in Nashville are mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salads, and fried green tomatoes.

Famous for its buzzing live music and nightlife scenes, Austin is also brimming with regional specialities, including mouth-watering barbecues. Here, you’ll find a variety of Tex-Mex cuisines to enjoy, from barbecues to fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. 


Frequent travellers to Hawaii may be familiar with the food scene of the popular islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. But not many people are aware of Kauai’s dining scene. The Garden Isle is known for its natural beauty and dramatic landscapes, but it’s not often on the list of foodie travellers. 

Kauai’s food scene can be described in two words – food trucks! Although it has its share of sit-downs and fine dining restaurants, Kauai’s food trucks are where you will find authentic local fares. The best part is – you will not have to pay a premium price to fill your belly! If you’re craving Japanese cuisines, check out Kikuchi’s, a red food truck serving Japanese specialities like kara’age and fresh ahi wrap. When it comes to delicious breakfast meals, head to Java Kai in Kapaʻa. This breakfast joint serves all kinds of breakfast meals, from bagels to sandwiches and pancakes. 

To make your visit to Kauai truly relaxing, stay in a luxury house on Kauai’s north shore. The area is also home to some of the island’s best dining spots, such as Postcard’s Cafe, Kilauea Bakery, and Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant.

New York State

The city of New York alone makes New York a haven for foodies, given its diverse culinary landscape featuring global cuisines that include world-class restaurants and family-run food stalls and street foods. While the city is famous for its New York Style Pizza, there’s definitely more to discover in the Big Apple.

As you walk around the city’s bustling streets, you’ll find pizzerias dishing out traditional pies and pizzas, although locals would highly recommend Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Joe’s Pizza. Bagel is another New York staple you should not miss when visiting New York. You’ll find various places to grab one, but the best ones are Bagel Bob’s, Ess-a-Bagel, and Tompkins Square Bagels.

While you will find most of the state’s best dining spots in New York City, the rest of the state will also impress foodies seeking delectable eats. The Hudson River Valley, with its fertile land, offers a rich source of produce that would, in turn, produce mouth-watering farm-to-table foods. The state also offers various regional specialities, such as beef on weck and Buffalo wings. Farmer’s markets and food festivals are abundant as well.



From Seattle to Spokane, Washington is another destination worth visiting in the States for delicious foods. Restaurants range from casual venues to upscale dining places and mobile eateries specialising in a wide range of local and international cuisines suitable to any taste. 

Seattle’s restaurants are known to serve tasty local fares often infused with various flavours from across the world. Thanks to its strategic location in the Pacific Northwest, it has easy access to abundant fresh seafood, from shellfish to clams and salmon. Just north of Seattle, you’ll find the stunning Whidbey Island is especially recommended for those craving mouth-watering seafood dishes. Try glamping around Washington state camping favorite, Whidbey Island, so you’ll have easy access to the island’s best dining spots. 

Meanwhile, Spokane has a thriving food scene featuring dishes with Asian, African, and Italian influences. During the past few years, the range of dishes in the city has become more varied and vibrant, as chefs have become creative and are focused on using fresh local ingredients.


California is a definite must-visit for foodies. The agricultural state is home to more than 80,000 farms producing everything from fruits and veggies to fresh milk, nuts, and more! Thanks to the abundance of bounty in California, talented local chefs are more inspired to create delicious fare representing different cuisines.

In San Francisco, various culinary offerings are available in both upscale and casual dining establishments. Here, you’ll find a bevy of Michelin-starred restaurants, food stalls and food trucks famous for their international offerings. But what makes the city’s food culture truly stand out is that they are committed to utilising what’s locally available. If you want to experience the local food culture, the best way is to stop by the farmer’s markets.

LA’s cuisines are all about diversity. Moreover, the city is famous for its celebrity chef phenomenon, with famous names like Gino Angelini and Wolfgang Puck at the forefront of its premier kitchens. Diners especially love the exquisite Italian options. If you’re looking to enjoy a star-studded meal, head to West Hollywood’s Fig & Olive, The Ivy in Beverly Hills, and The Polo Lounge at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel.