Mexican Restaurants in Montreal
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Top 8 Mexican Restaurants in Montreal

MONTREAL, Canada – This is a post about the top Mexican restaurants in Montreal. No, I’m not going to talk about Tex-Mex. No, there will be no sticky yellow nacho cheese or crunchy shell tacos, nor lettuce and sour cream in them.

There will probably be a few sombreros, and maybe even a Mariachi band… we can’t exactly escape them.

And there may be a lot of tacos and beer.

Here are the best Mexican restaurants in Montreal. Mexico… without the corrupt police force!

Best Mexican Restaurants in Montreal:  La Tamalera

La Tamalera is hip and cool! And it’s also delicious. Super tortas, super tamales, and super homemade drinks. It’s a brunch destination that’s out of the ordinary!

226 Fairmount Avenue West
H2T 2M7

Best Mexican Restaurants in Montreal: Ta Chido

What makes Ta Chido a special place is the fact that everything’s made on the premises, which includes tortillas and specialty bread to make the tortas.

5611, avenue Du Parc

Best Mexican Restaurants in Montreal: El Rey Del Taco

In addition to the short menu of tacos – the specialty, of course – there is a small delicatessen that includes some items difficult to find elsewhere in Quebec, including excellent blue corn tortillas. El Rey Del Taco offers the best tacos de lengua, made of beef tongue, in Montreal. There is nothing like it!

232 Jean-Talon Street East
H2R 1S7

Best Mexican Restaurants in Montreal:  Maria Bonita

This list includes many taquerías. Fortunately, there is also Maria Bonita. “The beautiful Maria” is Maria Chávez, chef-owner, who prepares homestyle dishes. It’s a great spot to discover the classics: quesadilla, guacamole, chicharron, moles, horchata…

5269 Casgrain Avenue
H2T 1X1


This brand new restaurant in Old Montreal prides itself on being the first upscale Mexican restaurant in town. The menu is gigantic! The molés are especially good, the ceviches fresh and well balanced and the tamales are huge. With all that, there is a short wine list and some quality tequilas and mescals.

260 Notre Dame Street West
H2Y 1T6


Monkland Street may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of going to supper. What’s more, Amaranto does not look like much. But do not let these facts discourage you! Quesadillas and enchiladas await the courageous who will complete the adventure towards Notre-Dame-de-Grâce …

5974 De Monkland Avenue
H4A 1G8

Le Petit Coin du Mexique

There is something quite kitsch in the decor of le Petit Coin du Mexique, and that only makes the visit to this restaurant even more special. The menu is gigantic, and all the classics are available. Once the food arrives, we find honest and true cooking. The shrimp cocktail is as retro as it is delicious. The salad of nopales (marinated cactus) brings its particular taste. The three sauces – molé, red sauce, green sauce – are super tasty!

2474, Jean-Talon East
H2E 1W2

T & T Tacos and Tortas

It’s simple: this is a place that offers tacos and tortas (sandwiches) in a place with a neat and clean decor. The tacos of carnitas and the cochinita sandwich are superb, and the tiny menu also means that everything is fresh.

51 Rachel Street West
H2W 1G2

Super Taco

It is a very small restaurant, it does not look like much, there is nothing on the walls, the service is fast and efficient, and there are very few items on the menu. It’s simple: it’s a taqueria, and you eat tacos. On Wednesdays, it’s a dollar for a taco! The tacos of chorizo, carnitas and cabeza are all good. Go, eat, get out.

500-A, Bélanger Street East
H2S 1G4