Why You Should Visit Singapore City

SINGAPORE – Singapore is a city-state where everything is perfect. Isn’t that reason enough why you should visit Singapore City?

It is difficult to find a single fault with this metropolis. It is a perfectly clean place, where the crime is virtually nonexistent, where several communities – Malay, Indian, Chinese – coexist in peace, where the economy is growing and where a lot of people flock from around the world to go work.

Visit Singapore City

In this city, cleanliness is flawless. Government authorities have moved the street food kiosks, ubiquitous elsewhere in Southeast Asia, inside. Often, the food courts are in two-floor buildings, where customers and restaurateurs alike have access to running water, to toilets – toilets with a seat, clean, equipped with paper, and sinks, and soap, rare in this part of the world – and where waste is managed by a health syndicate.

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The beach, on a strip of water between the airport and the city centre, has been organised and is cleaned constantly. Large quantities of sand were imported to make this place more suitable. And since water is too polluted, huge signs tell people not to swim.

Singapore is a city without drugs: on the plane, travellers are warned before the plane lands, that trying to import drugs in Singapore is a felony punishable by death, no less.

Visit Singapore City: A Wide Spectrum

The food is quite varied: the whole Indian culinary spectrum is on display in Little India. Ditto for the Chinese culinary delights, represented around Chinatown. And Malaysian food is easy to find urbi et orbi. Food is also a a pretty good reason to go to Singapore.

In this city, everything is expensive, clean, new, taxed, lush. It’s warm year round. Palm trees are aligned perfectly at a calculated distance on the sidewalks of major boulevards. The botanical garden doesn’t have an entrance fee because it’s paid for from the taxes of the citizens; this garden even offers an incredible display of a variety of exotic trees and herbs, and even flowers genetically modified by scientists. And this city falls a bit flat.

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If you’re planning to go to Singapore for the first time, you might find that accommodation in this city is as expensive as everything else. You need to look around and stay away from the city centre if you’re looking for something more affordable.

It’s not that there lack of excitement for the senses: despite their exorbitant price, beer and alcohol are available. (More than 75 dollars for 26 ounces of vodka, though.)

For those who have a penchant for vice and immorality, and despite the fact that importing drugs can see you submitted to the death penalty, if you go to Singapore, you might be surprised to find out that prostitution is legal and brothels abound.

And for those who prefer to go out in their finest clothes and flaunt their assets in an ostentatious manner, the most expensive clubs and VIP lounges of all kinds are everywhere in this city where a strong economy is the main attraction for many.

But the city itself, Singapore, does not seem to mind. Its history is a witness of Singapore’s stubbornness: everything has been destroyed either by war or by the constant urban planning of its management. Everything is clean, everything is new, the temperature is still too hot, everything is conditioned to the extreme, construction sites are everywhere, and most people who live there do not have roots in Singapore. Their roots are either in China or India or Malaysia.

It’s a very interesting place to visit if you’re curious about why a lot of people go to Singapore and a lot of them rave about it. The city’s rise to prominence is unstoppable.

In the end, you end up with a place that offers everything to those who already have everything. Others get the crumbs.