Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong - photo by Steven Yu under Pixabay License
Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong - photo by Steven Yu under Pixabay License


Hong Kong is one of the best shopping destinations in the planet. And it’s not difficult to see why. From designer clothes to handbags to beauty products to electronics and practically anything else, you are bound to find them in this Asian City. Here are some of the places to visit to experience the best shopping in Hong Kong:


Best Shopping in Hong Kong – Boutiques and Specialty Shops


8Five2 is Hong Kong’s sough-after skateboard shop. It also carries street fashion items that appeal to the young (and even the not so young).


Shing Fat Coconut and Spices

If you are looking for Asian spices, coconut cream or coconut milk to bring home with you, it’s highly recommended that you visit Shing Fat. You will be impressed with the selection of spices and coconut products that this modest grocery store offers.

Yuet Tung Chinaworks

This is by far the only remaining factory in Hong Kong that produces hand-painted porcelain. Step into their warehouse and be amazed with all the porcelain beauty that surrounds you.

Best Shopping in Hong Kong – Malls and Arcades

Admiralty Centre Shopping Arcade

Admiralty Centre Shopping Arcade is one of Hong Kong’s down-to-earth retail hubs. Several retail stores and fast food dining places can be found in this shopping mall.

IFC Mall

This retail complex houses luxury clothing shops, tech stores, dining places and a cinema.


A large shopping mall in the Central district of Hong Kong, LANDMARK is full of international fashion brand retailers and prominent chain restaurants.

Pacific Place

The Pacific Place shopping center on Queensway in Hong Kong has more than 160 international fashion retail stores and luxury shops spread over 4 floors. It also has a movie theater and a major department store within.

Times Square

On Matheson Street in Hong Kong, one can find the multilevel Times Square shopping mall. Various international shops and restaurants can be found at Times Square. The shopping mall also features a cinema.

Best Shopping in Hong Kong – Markets

Jade Market

Hong Kong’s Jade Market is where you’ll find hundreds of stalls brimming with jade accessories, jewelry and charms. The Jade Market is quite popular that you can often find it included in a Hong Kong itinerary.

Jardine’s Crescent Market

This roadside market is tightly-packed with bargain finds – from clothing to accessories to household items.

Ladies Market

Stalls and stalls of discount clothing, souvenirs and accessories dominate the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. If you’re up for some bargain hunting and haggling, this joint is waiting for you.

Mong Kok Flower Market

This is the destination for anything to do with flowers and plants in Hong Kong.

Stanley Market

Stanley Market is one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong for affordable apparel, crafts and souvenirs.

Best Shopping in Hong Kong – Streets

Nam Cheong Street

If you’re looking for something specific like paracords, webbings or electronics, you are likely to find it in one of the shops along Nam Cheong Street.

Nathan Road

Along Nathan Road, one can find various shops that sell clothing, accessories, jewelry, crafts, electronic goods and other items. If you can’t afford luxury labels, there are also a number of shops on this street that offer more affordable prices.

Queen’s Road Central

Queen’s Road in Central Hong Kong is home to several shopping malls and retail outlets of international brands. Among the malls found along this street are The, LANDMARK and IFC Mall. Retail outlets dotting this street include Adidas, ZARA, Topshop, Marks and Spencer and Esprit.