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Porto Travel Blog- Porto Travel Blog: Porto has always been a hub for commerce and industry, but its main attractions are also some of the best in Europe.

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Where, How?
Porto on C&C
Best Time To Visit Porto
Personal Notes
Where to Sleep
Let’s Eat!
Let’s Go For a Drink
What to See and Do
Tipping in Porto
Common Scams & What to Avoid
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Porto Travel Blog: Where, How?

Porto, Northern Portugal, Portugal, Iberia, Europe

Population: 230,298 (2012)

Currency: Euro (€)


Porto-Francisco Sá-Carneiro (OPO)

Airport Notes: Porto is a modern airport. It’s the hub for TAP Air Portugal and is serviced by both Easyjet and Ryanair. Many more important airlines have steady service to the airport.

Transportation to-and-from the airport: The airport is 17km away from the downtown area. It’s a quick taxi ride away, barring any rush-hour traffic. There’s also a subway station inside the terminal, called, appropriately, Aeroporto. It’ll take you downtown to Trinidade station in 40 minutes for 2 euros.

Intra-City Transportation

Get around Porto via the metro, by bus, by taxi, by boat (if you want to skip over to neighboring city Vila Nova de Gaia), by helicopter, by funiculars or even elevators and do not forget walking.

A Note on Taxis: Regular warnings apply.

Just like anywhere, Uber is cheaper and safer. If you don’t already have an account, use this link and get 15 dollars off your first ride!


  • Ribeira de Gaia – along the side of the Douro River
  • Vila Nova de Gaia – along the side of the Douro River
  • Baixa – in the heart of the city center
  • Foz do Douro – on the coast, north of the mouth of the Douro River
  • São Nicolau – West Baixa

Navigation tips: The river Douro is the main artery of the city. Remember where you are relative to the river and you’ll have a good idea where you are.

More About Porto and Portugal on C&C

Best Time To Visit Porto

Average Monthly Minimum And Maximum Temperatures

Average min and max temperatures in Porto, Portugal
Average min and max temperatures in Porto, Portugal

Average Monthly Hours Of Sunshine

Average monthly sunhours in Porto, Portugal

Average Monthly Rainfall Or Snowfall

Average water temperatures in Porto, Portugal

Porto Travel Blog: Personal Notes

What’s This Place About?

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and the place from where the famous port wine is exported. Port wine is mostly made in the Douro region, but it is exported out of the city of Porto.  

What’s Great and Fun?

Well, of course there is the port wine. A lot of the former port wine factories offer various tours for the different brands made there.  

The Costa Ribeiro, or riverfront, is where most of the nightlife happens in Porto.  It is an absolutely dazzling place and activities take place on both sides on the river. There are large, open-air pubs where people can have drinks and relax. It is lovely during the day and gets busier and busier throughout the night.  

Walking around this distinctive city and taking pictures is a treat. During the day, you can see Porto’s history. At night, it gets very, very dark, which makes for spectacular photos.  

Porto Travel Blog: Porto Travel Blog

If you’re on a budget, I recommend Porto Republica Hostel & SuitesGallery Hostel or Porto Wine Hostel. They are all clean, comfortable and cheap. If you want a really cool tip on Porto travel blog, pick this.

There are so many nice mid-range hotels to choose from. My favourites are Hotel da MúsicaVincci Porto and HF Fenix Porto, which are all 4-star hotels.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste much time on searching Porto travel blog, go here straight.

Of course, Porto also has the major chain hotels such as AC Hotel Porto, a Marriott Lifestyle HotelSheraton Porto Hotel & Spa and InterContinental Porto – Palacio das Cardosas.

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Porto Travel Blog: Let’s Eat!

Famous Foods and Specialties

  • Francesinha – a sandwich made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguica, fresh sausage, steak or roast meat covered with melted cheese and a fried egg dripping with rich beer sauce.
  • Bacalhau – codfish is said to be the Portuguese “faithful friend” because it was the backbone of the country’s economy
  • Portuguese chocolate – visit Chocolateria  Equador for some “heaven on earth”

The Best Drunk Food

  • Local sandwiches, including the francesinha, but also bifana, pernil com queijo and prego am pao com ovo!

Our Suggestions – Dishes And Restaurants

Here are a few quick suggestions in Porto.

Don’t look for Porto travel blog far away from a good restaurant and dining options.

Casa Guedes, Conga and A Sandeira all have great sandwiches, perfect for a heavy, meaty lunch!

Antiqvvm has a Michelin star and awesome views of the river.

The Yeatman is considered the best restaurant in the city.

When downtown, there’s only one “great” address, and that’s Mário Luso. It’s cheap and delicious.

Miss’Opo is ideal for Sunday brunch – but it gets really, really busy!

Porto Travel Blog: Let’s Go For a Drink

What Do the Locals Drink?

Port wine, wine, beer

Drinking in Public

Drinking in public is legal in Porto. 

Our Suggestions – Bars and Pubs

Check out the whole scene on the riverfront, the Costa Riberio.

Maison du Muselet- Champagne Store & Bar – this “unique” bar has numerous references in champagne, sparkling wine and is well known for exclusive invented cocktails sure to please your palate.

Don’t look for Porto travel blog far away from a crowd favorite bar.

Fé Wine & Club is centered in the heart of Porto, select from a large variety of wines, and dance the night away to live rock, pop and other variations of music.

Capela Incomum – located at 79-81, Tv. do Carregal 77, is a wine bar known for its good tasting Portuguese wine in a relaxing atmosphere. It is however closed on Sundays.

360° Terrace Lounge at Espaco Porto Cruz – this bar located at Largo Miguel Bombarda Vila Nova de Gaia, is perfect to view the setting sun over Porto and enjoy some port tasting.

Visit the vintage bar of Armazem located not too far from the Douro River’s edge, while strolling along the streets of Rua de Miragaia, pop in and have a drink!

As regular readers of this column know, I don’t know anything about clubs. Sorry!

Porto Travel Blog: What to See and Do


Within the city center, begin your exploration of Porto with Ribeira, near the river, also the World Heritage area. On the other side of the river there is Ribeira de Gaia in which you will find the Port Wine Cellar.

Centro Português de Fotografia (Portuguese Photography Museum) was created by Portugal’s Ministry of Culture in 1997 as a way of ensuring a national policy for photography. Different exhibits are shown during different times of the year.

You can enjoy some of Porto fresh produce at the Mercado do Bolhão, an old-fashioned fruits, vegetables and meat market. Small restaurants with reasonably priced, good local dishes are available and once you do not mind interacting with strangers this is a place you will enjoy. When you pick your option on Porto travel blog based on what you want to do and see in the city.

Want to experience an amazing view and do not mind climbing 240 steps? Then make a visit to Torre dos Clerigos – one of Porto’s classic landmarks.

The city of Porto was designated the European capital of culture and the Casa da Música was built to mark to the festive year of 2001. It was also aimed at being exclusively dedicated to music, public performances and artistic training and creation. It was officially opened in 2005.


Check out the Tram 22, which is an old tram that offers a touristic route.

Taking a port wine tour to see the wines caves in the so called port capital is a must while visiting Porto. Getting there is easy, once you are staying around Vila Nova de Gaia; it is only a five minute walk across the Douro River. Other surrounding areas can access it by bus; these tours also include port tasting.

Cruise up the river Douro, a 50 minute cruise is priced around €10; however, there are day long cruises for a higher price and the scenery is breathtaking. If you do decide to go look for cruises leaving from the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the river as they may offer discounts for the cave tours.

If you are not afraid to be locked in a room and race against time to get out, try the Porto Exit Games – you have 60 minutes to get out!

Bop – when in Porto and craving some traditional North American food, Bop is the place to get it. Great food!

The FC Porto Museum showcases over 120 years of history – this football club is one of the most successful in Europe. This is a good one for all you “die-hard” football fans and aspiring football players.

Take a stroll through the city of Porto and discover hidden mysteries the city may hold, do not be afraid to take in the old but rich history of this European city which has held on to tradition like no other.

If you visit Porto in the summer (July) you might be lucky to witness the Super Bock Super Rock Festival featuring local and international artist performances.

Tipping in Porto

Just like in most of Europe, it is not expected to tip unless you are in a touristic area. Usually locals would tip only if the service has been exceptional. This applies for restaurants, hotels, and taxis.

Porto Travel Blog: Common Scams & What to Avoid

Porto is a relatively safe city, but the regular warnings apply.

Don’t look for Porto travel blog in such places.

READ MORE: Travel Canada Advisory for Portugal.

Porto Travel Blog: C&C’s Map