Sydney, Australia - photo by moremilu under CC0
Sydney, Australia - photo by moremilu under CC0


There’s a lot of diversity in Sydney that makes it an exciting city to visit. May it be urban marvels or natural charm, you can’t seem to have enough of The Emerald City. Here are some of the Instagrammable places in Sydney to share in your stories:


Instagrammable Places in Sydney – Anzac Memorial

The concrete Anzac Memorial follows an Art Deco design and has pink granite for its exterior. It’s a beautiful monument to add into your gallery.

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Today we remember the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget. Pic: @zxlee618

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Instagrammable Places in Sydney – Balfour Street Park

In the Chippendale suburb of Sydney, one can find a small public park that gives pedestrians access to and from Central Park Mall. That’s Balfour Street Park, where one can find a brick swale, and native plant and bird species.

Instagrammable Places in Sydney – Carriageworks

This arts centre occupies what used to be the Eveleigh Carriage Workshops. These days, Carriageworks has several spaces for various kinds of arts. The 19th century structure also hosts a farmers’ market every Saturday.

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Inside out

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Instagrammable Places in Sydney – Chinese Garden of Friendship

Sydney’s Chinatown holds a pocket of beautiful green space – the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Glistening waterfalls, lovely bamboo plants, dynasty dated porcelain and antique lacquer objects can be seen within this garden. The Dragon Wall, pavilions and tea house are among the spots you should not miss.

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School excursion, catching up w friends & Roisin Murphy in the city

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Instagrammable Places in Sydney – Chippendale Green

Chippendale Green offers a refuge from the urban pace and sounds. It has also become a great place for photography, with the “halo” being one of its interesting features.

Forgotten Songs on Angel Place

On Angel Place in Sydney, one can find a public artwork called “Forgotten Songs”. Michael Thomas Hill is behind this art installation of 120 bird cages suspended above a portion of Angel Place. Walking under the Forgotten Songs allows you to hear sound recordings of 50 bird species that have become extinct or are nearing extinction in central Sydney.

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Hipster as f*ck

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MCA Australia

Housed in an art deco building, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia in Sydney has a broad collection of paintings, sculptures, photography and other artworks by Australian artists. Its Mordant Wing also attracts locals and tourists alike with its “contemporary” architecture that strikes a remarkable contrast against the main building.

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Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

A fantastic spot for taking pictures of the harbour in Sydney is at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. It’s in a peninsula locally referred to as Mrs. Macquarie’s Point.

Observatory Hill Park

Panoramic harbour views, pleasant bridge vistas and various public art works await you at Observatory Hill Park. While there, you might also want to have a look at the activities in its tennis court and rotunda.

Queen Victoria Building

Stepping inside this Romanesque Revival, heritage-listed retail arcade is like taking a trip back to the 19th century. The sandstone walls, copper domes, tilework, mechanical clocks and statuary of the building all contribute to its Victorian charm.


Royal Botanic Gardens

It’s not hard to see why gardens are Instagram-worthy. The same goes for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. With 30 hectares of green space, there are lots of interesting finds in the Lower Gardens, Middle Gardens, Palace Gardens, Bennelong Precinct and Palm Grove Centre. If  you want to capture wildlife, there’s a colony of flying foxes residing in this recreation area.

State Library of New South Wales

Libraries have a certain appeal that can add a hint of cosy charm into your gallery. The State Library of New South Wales can do just that. But once you walk through its different buildings and wings, you will soon discover that this public library also gives a modern twist into its reading rooms.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge links the North Shore and Central Business districts of Sydney. One of the iconic structures in Sydney, it was opened in 1932 and up to this day, continues to carry rail, vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Sydney Opera House

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the Sydney landmark that dominates its skyline: the Sydney Opera House. The Expressionist design of this performing arts theatre is known worldwide and continues to be a captivating sight.

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The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is one of the oldest Victorian structures in Sydney. Its cedar staircases, protruding galleries, cast iron balusters, timber-framed storefronts and tiled floors are purely charming.

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Eaaily one of the Top 10 shopping centres in Sydney

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