Impressions of London - Bread


It could feel quite natural: show up in one of the largest, oldest, most well-known places in the world, and start visiting. And that plan can work for London, UK! However it’s a huge city with tons of interesting things to do. Do you have months on hand? No? Ok, here’s C&C’s quick guide of things to do in 48 hours in London!

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Things to Do in 48 Hours in London: Food

MORNING – Coffee Shops

First things first: the coffee scene in London is alive and well, and, as we know, hipsters tend to be at the forefront of trendy stuff like that. So for your morning cup of joe with a side of smug avant-gardisme, head to Brick Lane and it’s many artisanal-type coffee shops. My recommendation? This place:

Full Stop. (Reportedly closed as of this edit)
202 Brick Ln


Markets are where it’s at! Beginner? Camden Lock Market & Camden Passage. I found the most awesome perfecto coat there. Advanced? What about Portobello Market! It’s a bit out of the way, and be sure to check the outdoor market schedules, but it’s a beautiful road and it feels a bit different than the rest of the city!

LUNCH – The Pub

London is a city of thousands of pubs. And having a pint with lunch, in London, is quite normal – and so is staying in the pub all afternoon because of a sudden downpour… The Hawley Arms, at Camden, is my favourite. Fish & chips or bangers & mash with a cold pint of Smith’s Extra Smooth. That’s what I’m talking about!

The Hawley Arms
2 Castlehaven Road
Camden, London

AFTER LUNCH – Foodie Heaven

The foodie in you calls. It’s screaming, it wants you to show up to one of the most fascinating food markets of Europe. Borough Market, where you’ll find everything and anything from across the continent – and sometimes even the globe – is where you want to go. Even if you’re not hungry, grab your camera: the colours and stalls can keep you shooting away for days on end!

Borough Market

DINNER – Decisions, Decisions

As in all true metropolises, “where do we go for dinner?” is a serious question that can break apart the strongest couples and destroy friendships. And I’m not even going to help you: I’ll suggest two equally wonderful restaurants.

Fergus Henderson’s St. John restaurants are an ode to pork, and the most delicious meat there is takes centre stage.

On the other hand, if you want a chic but fast, and relatively affordable meal, in an electric, loud, fun atmosphere, you need to go to the Anchor & Hope.

Two equally wonderful places.

Reservations recommended at both.

Now fight!

The Anchor & Hope
36 The Cut, London

St. John Spitalfields
94-96 Commercial St, London

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SLEEP – Plenty of Options

Once again, the crazy amount of wonderful hotels in such a huge city filled with all kinds of options, from the cheapest to the most expensive, can leave you dizzy. It can help to pick up a guide on boutique hotels in London. Of course everything depends on one’s budget, but for me, one of the best options is Hilton London Angel Islington.

Hilton London Angel Islington
53 Upper St, London