Quebec by motorcycle

Quebec Motorcycle Trips: Where To Go This Summer

The road in Quebec is sacred. With about 185,000 asphalt kilometers in the province, the road trip is a national pastime! There are many Quebec motorcycle trips that will allow two-wheelers to experience the beauty of the region.

Since summer is so short, most motorcyclists hurry to get on the road at the first sign of good weather. And it helps to keep road safety tips in mind while hitting major thoroughfares and secret paths.

Mototourism is popular, and Quebec has landscapes and scenic roads to ride. Here are a few great destinations to explore in the beautiful province!

Quebec Motorcycle Trips: Route 138 Between Sept-Îles And Natashquan

To many tourists, Canada is synonymous with “wide open spaces”, and no region of Quebec represents this better than the Côte-Nord. Route 138 between Sept-Îles and Natashquan is long (366 kilometers). As you look to the left, the horizon is interrupted only by tundra; on the right, you see the St. Lawrence River, which looks more like an ocean from this vantage point. Havre-Saint-Pierre and the Manitou River Falls are great places where to stop along the way.

Quebec Motorcycle Trips: Routes 108 And 147 In The Eastern Townships

Provincial route number 108 between Magog and North Hatley is superb. The small town of North Hatley,  former President Jacques Chirac’s 2003 holiday destination, is one of the most beautiful in the province. Then, between North Hatley and Coaticook, Route 147 hosts two operational covered bridges. The Milby Bridge, built in 1873, is one of the oldest in the province; and the Gorge Park Red Bridge is the newest bridge in Quebec (1998), replacing a covered bridge built in 1887.

Quebec Motorcycle Trips: Route 132 Between Ste-Anne-Des-Monts And Gaspé

Obviously, this is not an obscure or unknown road, since it is the only road between Gaspé and the rest of the world. But at this latitude, the St. Lawrence River can be observed in all its forms, from above, at sea level, or from a valley or a cliff. And the 132 is spectacular, even before Ste-Anne-des-Monts, thanks to the wind farm in Cap-Chat, among other things!

Quebec by Motorcycle: L’Île d’Orléans

Touring Île d’Orléans takes only a few minutes, as its circular route is only 70 kilometers long, but it is one of the most romantic drives in Quebec. Make sure to get an apple cider from the beekeeper or drink a homemade beer at the Le Mitan pub, while breathing in the fresh air!

Quebec by Motorcycle: Route 371 Near Stoneham

It is one of the most scenic Quebec motorcyle trips and motorcyclists – cyclists too! – of the province know it well. This road ended up in the media for the wrong reasons, but it remains one of the most popular places for two-wheeled vacationers. On a motorcycle, it’s always wise to take caution! There is an area called “squares”, due to a good number of right-angled turns, which delight motorcyclists. And the view is unbeatable…

Quebec by Motorcycle: La Mauricie National Park

The winding road that crosses the Mauricie National Park between Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc and Saint-Jean-des-Piles, in the midst of nature and in the middle of the dense forest, is the best way to achieve that feeling of freedom that all motorcyclists desire. How can you not feel moved when you go along such a route? Also, La Mauricie National Park, an under-appreciated jewel of the Quebec landscape, is off the beaten path. More reason to visit!

Quebec by Motorcycle: La Route Du Fleuve (362)

The 362 has definitely earned its spot on my list of pleasant Quebec motorcycle trips. The Route du Fleuve, which passes through the Saint-Irénée, Éboulements and Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, offers panoramic views of the river, of course, and some of the most beautiful villages in the province. Charlevoix had to be on this list, one way or another!