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Photo: Pexels

5 Tips for Choosing a Motorhome for Your Road Trip

Are you thinking of hiring a motorhome for your next road trip? Good choice! Motorhomes provide flexibility when travelling, so you’re not anchored to check-in times or constantly unpacking your bags. You get to combine your accommodation and transportation to make things easier and cheaper.

But choosing a motorhome for the first time can be tricky, as there are many things to consider. There are so many types available, from cosy little campervans to double-decker motorhomes. So here are our five tips for choosing the right motorhome for your road trip, to ensure you have the best adventure possible!

1. Bigger isn’t always better

People often assume that a large luxurious motorhome is the best option for their trip. And if you’re prioritising comfort over everything else, then it definitely is the best choice for you. But for many others, a large motorhome might not be what you want or need for your road trip.

If you plan to visit large cities, you might struggle with your large motorhome. They can be difficult to manoeuvre on tight streets and finding parking will be a huge hassle. Also if you plan to drive on small rural roads, such as in the highlands of Scotland, then you’ll struggle with your large motorhome. In these cases, you’re better off going for a smaller van, like arranging a Volkswagen campervan. You could arrange your VW campervan hire with Goboony, a sharing platform for motorhomes.

The size of your motorhome is also dependent on your travelling party, as you want to make sure there are enough sleeping places and space to move around. Remember that some motorhomes have more sleeping places than seatbelts, so ensure that you check this before choosing your vehicle.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

2. What do you actually need?

Just like you might not need a larger motorhome for your trip, there are plenty of amenities you won’t need as well. People often opt for a motorhome with a toilet and shower, simply because it seems like the better option. But if you plan to stay at campsites and not wild camp, then you most likely won’t need those facilities. It’s quite a hassle to clean out a motorhome toilet, so if you can avoid it, you should!

Similarly, if you don’t think that you’ll cook in your van, then don’t prioritise a vehicle with kitchen appliances. There are various amenities available in motorhomes, so take a moment to consider which you actually need rather than going for them all. Nowadays you’ll find motorhomes that come with heaters, awnings, ovens, TVs, microwaves and more.

3. Consider your plans

One of the advantages of motorhome travel is the freedom it offers. You can go anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to plan every minute of your holiday.

Even so, it’s worth sitting down and thinking a bit about what you expect from your trip. Consider how much time you think you’ll spend in the motorhome. If you plan to be out every day hiking or visiting museums and sights, then you might prefer a simpler van to save money. But if you like the idea of relaxing in your van and hiding from rainy days, then you might want to have a van with some more living space.

Additionally, a road trip means something different for everyone! Will you be driving long distances? Then you shouldn’t go for a vintage VW or older motorhome, and instead go for something more reliable, like a converted van.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

4. Test it first

Motorhome travel is amazing… but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! So before you book a two-week-long trip in a motorhome, you might want to test it first.

For your first motorhome trip, book one or two nights in a van you like. This allows you to test motorhome travel without committing to a longer period of time. It also gives you a chance to prepare for your longer trip. You’ll notice which amenities you use and which you don’t bother with, which might lead you to save money by getting a simpler motorhome for your road trip.

You’ll also see what you forgot to pack! Maybe you’ll realise that you needed to bring more food. Or perhaps you’ll realise that you need more spices for cooking in your motorhome. The most commonly forgotten items for a motorhome trip are corkscrews and lighters! With your test trip, you’ll be able to learn from your experience and ensure your motorhome road trip is perfect.

5. How comfortable are you driving it?

Driving in a motorhome for the first time is quite an adjustment! It’s bigger than you expect and there are plenty of blind spots to keep in mind. So when you’re hiring a motorhome for your trip, remember that you’ll have to actually drive in it. Consider how confident you are as a driver, and then let that influence your decision.

If you’re lacking driving experience or confidence, go for a converted van instead, as these are the most similar to driving a car. You could also go for a vintage VW, but these can be a little unreliable, so you might want to have basic engine knowledge.

If you do want to hire a larger motorhome, then just make sure to practice. Ask if you can come for a test drive with the owner, or arrange to drive a similarly sized vehicle. Do your research and check out tips for driving and parking a larger motorhome.

With these five tips in place, you should have no trouble finding the perfect motorhome for your road trip! Once you try a motorhome holiday, you’ll surely be hooked and ready to book your next adventure. So choose your motorhome, pack your bags and get ready to hit the open road.

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