Trevi Fountain - Historical Rome
Trevi Fountain - Historical Rome


With over two thousand years of history, it is no surprise that Rome offers massive opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Here are some of the Instagrammable places in Rome to add into your ultimate 4 days in Rome itinerary:


Instagrammable Places in Rome: Borgo

Castel Sant’Angelo

A circular castle from the 2nd century, Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the favorite photography spots among tourists. Add the Ponte Sant’angelo (originally called Aelian Bridge) into it and you have something regal and romantic to share in your stories.

Passetto di Borgo

Passetto di Borgo is an elevated walkway erected in the 13th century. The secret passage was used as an escape route from danger. This “mysterious” passage has seen its share of limelight in popular culture, such as in Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” and in the “Assassin’s Creed II” video game.

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Instagrammable Places in Rome: Campitelli

Altare della Patria

Formally known as Victor Emmanuel II National Monument, the Altar of the Fatherland is dedicated to the first king of unified Italy. It also houses the tomb of an unknown Italian soldier, an emblematic shrine for all the missing and the fallen in World War I. Made of marble, the Neo-classical monument has eclectic influences and features that continue to fascinate visitors.

Foro Romano

Forum Romanum in Latin, the Roman Forum refers to the rectangular plaza amidst the ruins of various important government buildings of ancient Rome.

Instagrammable Places in Rome: Campo Marzio

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is where you can find the oldest obelisk in Rome. It is also where the northern gate of the city is. Around the plaza, you can see old churches and beautiful fountains.

Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti

Built in the 18th century, the Spanish Steps follows an irregular butterfly shape. It is one of the tourist magnets in Rome and continues to be a popular meeting place.

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Terrazza del Pincio

Visiting this observation deck allows you to enjoy prime vistas of the city of Rome, including some of its famous landmarks.

Villa Medici

The 16th century palace is famed for its renaissance style and landscaped gardens. It likewise offers tours and provides a venue for temporary art exhibits.

Instagrammable Places in Rome: Celio

Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo

This ancient basilica set on a hilltop dates back to the 4th century. It was built on top of a web of ancient Roman rooms, some of which have frescoes. These days, the church is well-known for its ornate interiors.


One of the most iconic landmarks of Rome, the Colosseum is a three-level Roman amphitheater that was the venue for gladiatorial activities in its glory days.

Instagrammable Places in Rome: Ludovisi

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

The Church of Our Lady of the Conception of the Capuchins in Rome is famous not for its façade – it is famous for its crypt. Under the church is a crypt with skulls and bones along the walls and ceilings.

Porta Pinciana

Porta Pinciana is a 5th century arched gate that was part of the 3rd century Aurelian Walls.

Instagrammable Places in Rome: Monti

Basilica di San Pietro in Vincoli

The Church of Saint Peter in Chains, also called Basilica Eudoxiana, dates back to the 5th century and houses a Saint Peter relic: the chains used to bind him during his imprisonment in Jerusalem. It is also home to several artworks, including “Moses” by Michelangelo.

Mercati di Traiano

Even ancient Rome had shopping centers, one of which is Trajan’s Market. The preserved antediluvian shopping center features forums, great hall markets, plus archaeological exhibits. Armed with some travel photography tips, you can definitely snap some pictures worth sharing in your stories.

Instagrammable Places in Rome: Parione

Museo di Roma – Palazzo Braschi

Somewhere in the middle of Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza di Pasquino, one can find a Neoclassical palace called Palazzo Braschi that is the present home of Museo di Roma. The museum has various pieces of art, including some of the works of Giovanni Bautista, Antonio Canova, Nicola Salvi and Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Piazza Navona

Perhaps the most recognized feature of this elegant 1st century plaza is its classical fountain by Bernini.

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Instagrammable Places in Rome: Pigna

Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

The Basilica of Saint Mary above Minerva stands out from several other European churches of its time because it has maintained its original Gothic interiors. It is home to several works of art, including Cristo della Minerva by Michelangelo.

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A Roman temple turned into a church, the Pantheon is well known for its portico, columns and dome. Its fame has inspired several structures in the western world and this contributes to the continued popularity of this historic Roman landmark.


Instagrammable Places in Rome: Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi Fountain dates back to 1762 and was designed by the Italian architect, Niccolò Salvi. The fountain uses water from an aqueduct and features captivating sculpted figures.

Palazzo Colonna

Want to see some elegant Baroque design elements? Visit Palazzo Colonna, also called Galleria Colonna, and you will be amazed by its frescoed hall and collection of artworks by the Old Masters.

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