La P’tite Cocotte, Nice, France – The only place to eat in Old Nice

NICE, France – It’s not a tourist trap! Isn’t it comforting to know that there is a place to eat in Old Nice which offers excellent French/Mediterranean dishes in a charming historic setting, and with fair prices on top of that?

In this series, Cédric Lizotte visits some of Europe’s best restaurants. He shares his inside knowledge about the best places to sample the delights of some of the best chefs on the planet. Follow his gastronomical journey with the hashtag #CedricInEurope.

The chef at P’tite Cocotte is called Cedric Biron, who learned his trade with Jérôme Ferrer in Montreal, among other places.

Located on a charming street, with a small terrace out in front, displaying a beautiful stone wall inside, and a small second dining room in the rear, La P’tite Cocotte is the ideal restaurant for lunch during a tour of Old Nice.

And have I mentioned that it’s not a tourist trap?

Eat in Old Nice: La P’tite Cocotte is All About the Food

I’ve had the opportunity to have lunch at La P’tite Cocotte. The whole meal begins with a small carafe of rosé. Aren’t we in France, after all?

The first dish is hot goat cheese and gravlax. The goat is creamy and melting. The gravlax is delicate: the salty and sweet notes from the curing process which are sometimes too intense with gravlax are, here, almost absent. The taste of fish is very light, and almost reaches sashimi levels as it slides and melts on the tongue. Superb!

The waiter, a bit stressed from having a full house I suppose, is juggling with the utensils, swearing under his breath, rushing between tables. But isn’t that better than a slow, aloof server?

Then a risotto of asparagus is served in a hot cast-iron plate. Warning: risk of cheese avalanche. The rice, perfectly cooked, salty and extra-smooth, pairs well with the rosé which is just tart enough. It cuts the fat of the rice dish. Maybe a spritz of lemon juice would have helped this risotto.

For dessert… a strawberry cake. Surprisingly crisp! The texture reminds me of an excellent croissant. The cake is not too sweet –showing nice attention to detail from the chef – and the portion is very generous.

If you are traveling to Nice and plan a morning to visit the old town, do yourself a favor and book your table in advance at La P’tite Cocotte, since the place can get quite busy!

La P’tite Cocotte
10 Rue Saint-Augustin, 06300 Nice, France
+33 4 97 08 48 61


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