Cedric Lizotte

Liverpool: “What is English food?”

Beatles fans know all the appeal of a first visit to Liverpool, England: it is the birthplace of the greatest rock band of all time. But do they know what's English food?...
Guide To Paris' Neighborhoods: L'Institut de France - Things to do in Paris

The Ultimate Paris Attractions by Arrondissement

Why do you need a Guide to Paris' Neighbourhoods? Because when you visit France, knowing which borough you're in is very important: not all of this city's areas are safe. And it's a gigantic city! Read......

Restaurants in Sept-Îles are Special!

In Sept-Iles, Quebec, there are some inevitable institutions for the traveler. Some old, some new. Le Casse-Croûte du Pêcheur is part of the first category. Settled in a parking lot between the city center and the industrial port, the restaurant has two sections: the first, a small gray and blue cabin where patrons order at the counter, then eat their snack at picnic tables; the second is the ultimate exaggeration of a giant lobster cage covered in a thick layer of Plexiglas, chock full of cheesy trinkets....

RECIPE: Cocktail – Strawberry Blonde

In August, when all the vegetables and all the freshly picked fruits flood our markets, and the women in beautiful summer clothes flood our terraces, it is imperative to know a cocktail recipe that will appeal to all....

My Impressions of Vientiane: Serene

In a park about ten minutes’ drive from downtown Vientiane, capital of Laos, a Buddha stands; then another, then another; huge concrete sculptures, sometimes weird, sometimes exaggerated, and sometimes eclectic....

Cedric Lizotte

Freelance journalist. Food, travel, tech, photo.

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