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Paris is not just about designer labels and luxury items. This city also has bohemian neighborhoods that offer unusual finds and spirited marketplaces sprawling with antiques and pre-loved goods. Here are some of the places for the best shopping in Paris, sans the boutiques of powerhouse designer labels:

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Best Shopping in Paris – Arcades

Galerie Vivienne

One can find Galerie Vivienne in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement. Recognized as a historical monument, it is home to luxury boutiques, traditional artisan toy shops, delightful gift stores, charming cafes and rare bookshops.


Passage du Grand-Cerf

Built in 1825, Passage du Grand-Cerf is a well-known destination for fine jewelry and intricate antiques. There are also several boutiques lining the corridors of this arcade.

Passage Jouffroy

This 19th century covered passage in the 9th arrondissement attracts visitors and shoppers with its glass and iron construction. Browsing through the various shops there is like a step back into time.

Best Shopping in Paris – Concept Stores and Boutiques

L’Officine Universelle Buly

For perfumes, natural beauty products and accessories, head to Buly. With two locations in Paris (one on Rue Bonaparte and another in Rue de Saintonge), it would not be difficult to visit this world-renowned beauty boutique that traces its roots to 1803.


It’s not just a concept store; Merci is also a shop for designer furniture and an inimitable meeting venue with several items to discover. This 3-storey boutique also houses restaurants and exhibitions under a glass roof.

Best Shopping in Paris – Malls and Department Stores

Forum des Halles

Largely underground, Forum des Halles is dominated by global chain stores and welcomes millions of visitors. Going from one shop to another in this mall can leave you breathless and hungry, making you want to go on a Paris food tour.

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann  

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is the flagship store of this French department store chain with international locations. It offers a massive array of brands – from haute couture to ready-to-wear staples. It is also a venue for weekly fashion shows that visitors can witness without a fee.

Le Bon Marché

Founded in 1838, Le Bon Marché is among the first modern French department stores. Presently under the LVMH umbrella, Le Bon Marché offers an extensive array of high-end items and refined services.


Headquartered in France, this department store chain is most famous for its historic Haussmann location. Built in 1865, Printemps Haussmann has a wide-ranging selection of beauty products, fashion pieces, lifestyle items and men’s clothing.

Best Shopping in Paris – Specialty Stores


Books, photography, graphic arts and design – you can find all these treasures at Artazart, an art-lover’s paradise along Canal Saint-Martin.


The curious can walk into this cabinet of curiosities dedicated to the natural sciences, taxidermy and entomology on Rue de Bac. Deyrolle also dips into art and pedagogy. It will not be a surprise if you decide to pick up something in this shop to take home with you.

Joséphine Vannier

Day trips from Paris allow you to discover several interesting things. Yet you don’t have to go far to find artisanal goods. At Joséphine Vannier, you can fulfill your greedy desire for hand-crafted chocolates.

Kusmi Tea

Originally founded in Russia in 1867, the headquarters for this tea brand found its way to Paris in 1917. Its shop on Rue des Rosiers brims with premium teas, unique tea blends and various tea ingredients.

Mariage Frères

Find your way to Rue du Bourg Tibourg and step inside Mariage Frères. Once there, be prepared to go through their selection of gourmet tea.

Best Shopping in Paris – Vintage Stores, Thrift Shops and Flea Markets


Organized chaos – this is what Chinemachine is all about. There are simply tons of items crammed into the tiny space of this shop that attracts vintage aficionados and deal-seekers. You can rummage through the colorful and quirky items at Chinemachine in any of their two locations: one on Rue de Martyrs and the other on Rue des Petites Écuries.

Marché Biron

East and west converge at Marché Biron, through its array of Asian furniture and art, and 18th to 20th century finds. More than 200 art merchants and antique dealers set up their shops at Marché Biron, making it a treat to explore the oriental ceramics, art deco French ornaments and other treasures there.

Marché Dauphine

Marché Dauphine first welcomed shoppers in 1991. Furniture stores and antique shops can be found in the market, along with Carré des Libraires – a collection of book sellers. There are also several stands offering vintage items that include clothing, records and prints.

Marché Vernaison

With more than 300 stalls, Marché Vernaison offers several selections of glassware and toys – and even scientific objects! There are many other items to find here, including souvenirs, household goods, clothing and fashion accessories.