Taipei, Taiwan - This is a copyright-free photo - Nomad Life
Taipei, Taiwan - This is a copyright-free photo


Like in many other Asian cities, cultures mix together in Taipei. And the results can be seen in its several landmarks and attractions. Here are some of the Instagrammable places in Taipei to share in your stories:

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Beitou District

Beitou Hot Springs

There are several ways to escape the hustle and bustle of Taipei and still capture some great scenes in your camera. The serene Beitou Hot Springs spa is one of those places.

Thermal Valley

A scenic area full of hot springs brings natural mist into your photos – that’s what Thermal Valley is all about.

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Da’an District

Yongkang Street

A popular shopping street, Yongkang is home to colorful shops, a variety of food and interesting street art.

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Wanhua District

Lungshan Temple

Built in the 1738, this historic Buddhist and Taoist temple features traditional Chinese design elements.

Ximending Walking District

Ximending is a lively recreation and shopping district that offers a lot of photo opportunities. Visit its pedestrian-friendly shopping and entertainment area and start snapping some awesome photos.

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Wenshan District

Taipei Zoo

Sharpen your animal photography skills at the scenic Taipei Zoo. The zoo also features design elements that can be truly awesome when captured on camera.

Xianjiyan Trail

Skyscrapers are not the only places in Taipei where you can take in views of the city’s skyline. Taipei also has several hiking trails and Xianjiyan Trail is one of them.

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Xinyi District

Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail

Do not let the steep paths and stairways of Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail discourage you – the views from its observation platform are simply gorgeous!

Taipei 101

Previously called Taipei World Financial Center, this remarkable skyscraper is one of the tallest in the planet. Its postmodern architecture features Asian elements, modern structure and industrial materials. It is one of the most recognizable icons of Taipei.


Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park is one of those places within Taipei where you can retreat in to some peace and quiet. The expansive National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall can be found within the park. This city park also has gardens, lawns, trees and a lake.


Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Zhongshan District

Grand Hotel Taipei

Grand Hotel Taipei is one of the picturesque landmarks of this Taiwanese city. Its vermilion columns and roof make give it a traditional Chinese building look. Other traditional Chinese design elements can be found all over the hotel, including art objects, paintings, wall panels and carvings. Also of note are the are the dragon, plum flower and lion motifs that dominate the hotel.

National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine

Resembling a traditional Chinese castle, the National Revolution Martyrs’ Shrine is home to spirit tablets of those who died in the Republic of China wars. The shrine also holds a changing of honor guards ceremony.

Instagrammable Places in Taipei: Zhongzheng District

228 Peace Memorial Park

Also called 2/28 Peace Park, this historic municipal park is dedicated to those who perished in the 1947 February 28 Incident. One can also find the Taipei 228 Memorial and Taipei 228 Memorial Museum within the park.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Back in the day, it was a sake winery. These days, it is known as Huashan 1914 Creative Park – a cultural hub that features shops, local art, crafts, films and events.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City is a renowned national monument made of concrete and marble. Designed by Yang Cho-cheng, the memorial hall features an octagonal blue roof and white walls.