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Daiki - Best ramen in Tokyo

The Best Ramen in Tokyo is Right Here!

Here’s the best ramen in Tokyo, what it’s made of, what it tastes like, and where to find the bowls of steaming hot – or cool and fresh – soup in the capital of Japan!...

RESTAURANT PROFILE – Cinco Paco Perez, Berlin: Pure amazement

Paco Perez might be the chef that does food that is most similar to what El Bulli did for so long. He does it at Cinco, his restaurant in hotel Das Stue, in Berlin, Germany. Click here to see my pictures and read my comments on the wonderful meal I had!...
One day in Zurich: The best places to visit

One Day in Zurich: The Best Places To Visit

24 hours in Zurich might not be enough, but there's a lot that can be seen in such a short time! Strap on your boots, prepare your wallet and let's see what the most expensive city in the world has to offer! #CedricInEurope...

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