Cedric Lizotte

Pageou, : Raviolis de canard

Munich Restaurants: Pageou, for Lunch

MUNICH, Germany - The majority of the grandiose, neo-baroque architecture of the city of Munich obviously did not survive the Second World War. Almost everythin...

Havre-Saint-Pierre: Simplicity, Solitude & Seafood

If the small town of Havre-Saint-Pierre, Canada, could be represented and identified by its restaurants, we would see the entire local flavour profile immediately. There are only two “restaurants” in Havre-Saint-Pierre....
Impressions of London

Impressions of London, in an England state of mind

In London, England tourists can never see everything. When thinking about London, we think of things past: colonialism, pubs and beer, rock & roll, literature and film, red brick buildings, the Thames River, and all the grandiose monuments scattered in the city....

A Trip to Jamaica, Just Like We Imagine

In most people's minds, Jamaica vacations usually mean visiting the best all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. But all inclusive trips don't show it all! Jamaica is indeed a paradise on Earth, but it's not just beaches and Bob Marley......
Filipino food Balut

The Exotic Street Food of the Philippines

It’s tough to describe the Filipino culture in a solitary definition. Even the cuisine is relatively inconsistent from one region to another. Here are the street foods of the Philippines… in a list!...

Cedric Lizotte

Freelance journalist. Food, travel, tech, photo.

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