Dickson Street, Fayetteville AR, USA, Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Dickson Street, Fayetteville AR, USA, Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our Favourite Bars In Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

When it comes to finding a great place to unwind and enjoy a night out, Fayetteville AR has you covered. None of the bars on this list close before 11pm, ensuring you can make the most of your evening. Located on Dickson Street, the main nightlife street of the city, these establishments offer a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for craft beers, live music, pool tables, or just a laid-back atmosphere, Fayetteville has a bar for everyone. Here are the best bars in Fayetteville, AR.

This is C&C’s 15 Essential Bars in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Located on Google Maps as the top-rated bar in the city, Pinpoint boasts a charming vintage vibe with its collection of pinball machines. It is one of the best bars in Fayetteville, AR. They also offer a selection of local craft beers and have an inviting outdoor seating area.


Maxine’s Tap Room

Always buzzing with activity, Maxine’s Tap Room is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Its black and brown exposed brick interior creates a unique atmosphere that appeals to people of all ages. You’ll also find pool tables here to add some friendly competition to your night.


Smoke & Barrel

For a laid-back evening, Smoke & Barrel is the place to be. This dive-like bar offers local beer, whiskey, trivia, and board games. On weekends, you can enjoy live bands while sipping your drink of choice. Don’t miss the chance to relax on their very nice outdoor patio.


The Piano Bar

If you’re in the mood for live music, head to The Piano Bar. This concert venue is centered around two grand pianos on stage. With ample seating and a full bar, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some great performances.


Dickson Street Pub – Best Bars In Fayetteville, AR

Right in the heart of the main street, Dickson Street Pub is a cool pub with an old-school vibe. The bar stands out with its windowed garage doors that open up during pleasant weather. Enjoy a drink while people-watching from their rooftop patio.


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Ryleigh’s is a spacious bar spread across two floors. With pool tables and occasional musical performances, this establishment offers easygoing vibes and plenty of room to unwind.



For a post-industrial warehouse experience, check out Sideways. This unique bar features shuffleboard and big screens for watching your favorite game. It’s one of the best bars in Fayetteville, AR.



Vault exudes a fancy, exposed-concrete, mid-2010s vibe. It boasts an impressive list of bourbons and craft cocktails, making it an ideal place for a date night.


George’s Majestic

Established in 1927, George’s Majestic is a renowned live music venue and club. With a full bar and frequent performances, it’s open every night, ensuring you can always find entertainment.


Cannibal & Craft

For a spooky-creepy tiki experience, visit Cannibal & Craft. This bar is famous for its fish bowls and offers a unique craft cocktail experience.


The Amendment

The Amendment is known for its extensive selection of local beers and a long list of bourbons. With a second level and a large outdoor patio, it provides ample space for a great night out.


Big Box Karaoke – Best Bars In Fayetteville, AR

Karaoke lovers will have a blast at Big Box Karaoke. In addition to belting out your favorite tunes, you can enjoy delicious food options with an Asian flair. Their outdoor seating area adds a nice touch to the experience.


The AM/PM bar – Best Bars In Fayetteville, AR

The AM/PM bar stands out for its unique half-moon-shaped building with a corrugated tin roof. This hippe-weird spot offers an unconventional experience that you won’t find elsewhere.


The Green Room

If you’re a fan of pool, The Green Room is the place to be. With professional-looking tables available for rent by the hour, it’s the ideal spot to showcase your skills. The exposed vents on the roof add a distinctive touch to the ambiance.


Infusion Bar

For an eclectic and funky karaoke experience, head over to Infusion Bar. This hipster-kitsch establishment offers gummy-vodka shots and promises an unforgettable night out.


With these top-notch bars in Fayetteville, Arkansas, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a night on the town. From craft beer and live music to pool tables and karaoke, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the diverse and vibrant nightlife scene Fayetteville has to offer.

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