Instagrammable Places in Vancouver - Vancouver, British Columbia skyline - photo by pxfuel under CC0
Vancouver, British Columbia skyline - photo by pxfuel under CC0


It’s difficult not to take out your camera and snap pictures when you are visiting Vancouver. The attractions in this Canadian city are simply hard to resist. Here are some of the Instagrammable places in Vancouver to help you fill your stories:


Instagrammable Places in Vancouver – Alley Oop

This pedestrian zone in Vancouver is a great place for striking a pose and snapping some pictures – thanks to the vibrant colours of this urban space.

Instagrammable Places in Vancouver – Brockton Point Lighthouse

If you’re looking for something nautical in Vancouver to add into your stories, make sure to stop by Brockton Point Lighthouse.

Instagrammable Places in Vancouver – Digital Orca

Douglas Coupland’s powder-coated aluminium sculpture of an orca has become a popular subject of photography. Visit Vancouver Convention Centre and you would easily spot the digital killer whale.

Instagrammable Places in Vancouver – Gastown Steam Clock

The Gastown Steam Clock is perhaps the most popular timepiece in all of Vancouver. This steam-powered chronometer in Gastown tells the time through whistles. And it has become a favourite spot for photo sessions.

Hotel Europe

In the Gastown neighbourhood of Vancouver, one can find an iconic six-storey heritage building with a flatiron design. That’s Hotel Europe – a Gastown landmark that you might have already seen in some popular movies.


Lions Gate Bridge

The iconic suspension bridge that connects the city of Vancouver and North Vancouver is officially called First Narrows Bridge. It’s a remarkable photography subject in itself but its walkway is also a great place to be at if you want to see sweeping Vancouver vistas.

Olympic Cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza

When Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010, a modern Olympic torch was erected at Jack Poole Plaza. No longer incessantly burning, the Olympic Cauldron is now only lit during special occasions.

Prospect Point

Located in Stanley Park, Prospect Point allows one to have picturesque views of the Lions Gate Bridge.

Science World at TELUS World of Science

Kids and kids at heart would have a great time at Science World. If you’re not up for some science fun, the museum building would be enough to keep you engrossed with your camera. Looking like some orb that has been transported from some unknown galaxy, the Science World building will add a kick of sci-fi into your gallery.

Siwash Rock

Stanley Park in Vancouver has a renowned terrestrial outcropping called Siwash Rock. Among the Squamish people, there is a legend that surrounds this natural wonder. This adds a mystical effect to the rock and makes it even more captivating to have in pictures.

Sunset Beach

Beach + sunset = amazing. And in Vancouver’s Sunset Beach, the sights are simply breath-taking.

Queen Elizabeth Park

View-seekers and floral display buffs converge at Queen Elizabeth Park. The conservatory, manicured gardens and sculptures are lovely sights that are great on camera. Set on a hill, this urban park is also a terrific spot to take in gorgeous panoramas of the city. Moreover, the sights all around are clearly delightful.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Art galleries are undoubtedly wonderful destinations if you are after endless photo opportunities and Vancouver Art Gallery is no different.  The steps and front lawn of the building is a popular gathering place. The formal porticos, ionic columns, ornate stonework and central dome of the building are architectural gems. Step inside the gallery and you will pause in awe at its void stairs. Add its permanent collections and temporary exhibits to these and you have countless possibilities for photography.

Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre

Ascend to the observation deck of Harbour Centre through a glass elevator and you will have spectacular views of Vancouver.

Vancouver Public Library Central Branch

One of the most interesting branches of the Vancouver Public Library is its Central Branch in downtown Vancouver. The detached elliptical colonnaded wall of the library makes it appear like a Roman amphitheatre.