North Indian Dishes
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North Indian Dishes that Will Make Your Mouth Water

A lot of people assume that all North Indian dishes are spicy but this is not true. Indian food involves more than just curry. North India has as great a variety of foods as any other country. Do not believe everything you see in movies. North Indian food is rich in carbohydrates and focuses on slow, cooked flavor. Sample these savory and sometimes decadent North Indian fare. Warning: this will make you hungry!

1. Butter Chicken – North Indian Dishes

Butter chicken is a popular North Indian Dish. Many dishes are served with rice or vegetables. Feel free to eat is as an appetizer or on its own. You can make the gravy that you pour over the chicken as mild or as spicy as you like. Or, serve it plain. It is great served with a fresh salad and naan. Enjoy with a traditional Indian cocktail or an ice, cold beer.

2. Tandoori Chicken

This succulent North Indian chicken dish is marinated in yogurt and spices and then roasted in a tandoor, a cyclindrical clay oven. You can pair your tandoori chicken with any side dishes and breads. Believe it or not, they have found tandoors from as early as 3000 BC – and guess what? There were chicken bones resting beside the ovens. So eat like a caveman and have a little tandoori chicken.

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3. Naan

Naan can be eaten with every North Indian dish or by itself. It’s so easy to make you don’t even have to eat it in a restaurant. It is glazed with dripping butter so it melts in your mouth. Naan can be used to scoop up whatever yummy dish you are enjoying or it can be stuffed with meat or raisins and fruit. It is the most popular of all North Indian dishes and is sold at every restaurants – “Please pass the naan!”

4. Gulab Jamun

If you’re craving something sweet, try some decadent Gulab Jamun. These waffle shaped little balls are deep fried and smothered in sugar syrup. You can either dip the balls in your sauce or pour it right on top so every inch is sweet and syrupy. Eat these for dessert or just a little treat at the end of a long day. Pair it with some coffee or hot chocolate if you dare – there is no such thing as too sweet!

5. Chaat

Let’s Chaat! A popular snack or appetizer in North India, chaat is a mixture of potato, fried break and chick peas with sour Indian chili and yogurt. Almost any food truck you come across in India will serve chaat. It’s a great food for on the go. Not too light and not too heavy, it tastes delicious and can be paired with either a full entree or just a drink (or two.) Share a bowl with a friend or eat the whole dish yourself.

6. Chole

One of the North Indian dishes ideal for vegetarians, Indian Chole is a great option for the person in your family who just won’t eat meat! Made with tomatoes and chickpeas, chole is simmered in a spicy gravy and peppered with authentic Indian spices. Swimming in a pool of ginger and tomato sauce, the chickpeas offer a boost of energy and a burst of flavor.

Next time you are in the mood for a North Indian dish, try one of these favorites. You won’t be disappointed.

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