Cannes shoreline at night - photo by Sandra Wagner from Pixabay under Pixabay License
Cannes shoreline at night - photo by Sandra Wagner from Pixabay under Pixabay License


Visiting the resort town of Cannes along the French Riviera allows you to immerse yourself in the famed culture and beauty of this city. And it’s not just the renowned film festival in Cannes that is for you to enjoy. Here are some of the places to explore when spending three days in Cannes:

Three Days in Cannes: Day One – The Streets of Cannes

Rue Meynadier

In the centuries past, horses and carriages dominated Rue Meynadier. These days, the street has been pedestrianized and only welcomes people on foot. If you want a pulse on the local vibe, you are sure to get it from this street, where you can find quaint gourmet shops and eating places.

Rue Hoche

One of Cannes’ most charming streets, Rue Hoche is home to several bakeries, restaurants and cafes that provide outdoor seating.

Rue d’Antibes

Rue d’Antibes is a popular shopping street in Cannes, with several stores and shopping hubs along it.

Rue Notre Dame

To see the beautiful architecture and interior of Église Notre Dame de Bon Voyage, head to Rue Notre Dame. Further down the street you will also see a lovely Protestant church, Église Protestante Unie de Cannes.

Promenade de la Croisette

Also called Boulevard de la Croisette, this prominent street in Cannes stretches 2 kilometres along the Mediterranean coast. One of the most popular landmarks along Boulevard de la Croisette is the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, home to the famous Cannes Film Festival.

Three Days in Cannes: Day One – The Old Town

Le Suquet

Welcome to the old town of Cannes, once a bustling fisherman’s village. These days, Le Suquet is a popular neighbourhood for having evening meals and enjoying nightlife in Cannes.

Three Days in Cannes: Day Two – Day Trips from Cannes


More or less half an hour away from Cannes is the town of Grasse, famed for its perfume industry. To commemorate the rich history of perfume making in Grasse, Musée International de la Parfumerie is a showplace for the culture of perfume manufacturing throughout the ages. A visit to Cathédrale Notre-Dame Du Puy De Grasse would punctuate your culture trip. The church is home to several paintings by famous artists like Nègre and Rubens.


From Cannes, you can visit Saint-Paul-de-Vence, known for the various museums, art galleries and art shops dotting it. While in the commune, don’t forget to visit the Ramparts of Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Tour de l’Espéron.


Next stop: the city of Nice. Like Cannes, Nice is set along the Mediterranean coast of France and has amazing panoramas of the sea. While here, you might want to check Jardin botanique de Nice and its collection of Mediterranean plant species. You might also want to roam around its various squares, including Place du Palais de Justice. Or you can also test the waters of Nice in one of its beaches.


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Take a break at the commune of Èze and enjoy views of the Mediterranean from the hilltops. Jardin botanique d’Èze offers one of the greatest vistas of the sea and has a selection of succulents and cacti.

Monte Carlo

Cap your day trip with the pizzazz of Monte Carlo. Around Place du Casino, one can find Casino de Monte-Carlo, Opéra de Monte-Carlo, several restaurants and upscale shops. And it is just about an hour away from Cannes, so you will not have much trouble going back to your French Riviera base after having a fine time in Monte Carlo.

Three Days in Cannes: Day Three – Cannes and the Sea

Île Sainte-Marguerite

Hop on a boat or ferry and sail to Île Sainte-Marguerite. The island is home to Fort Royal, a fortress prison where the Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated during the 17th century. There are several restaurants and cafes dotting Île Sainte-Marguerite, as well as promenades where one can relax and enjoy the views. Here, you will also find sandy beaches and rocky coves where you can go swimming.

Île Saint-Honorat

Relatively smaller than Île Sainte-Marguerite, Île Saint-Honorat is nonetheless as interesting. The 11th century Abbaye De Lérins has a monastery that was fortified in the 15th century and continues to welcome visitors. There are several chapels in the island that were built by monks but are no longer in use and are quite intriguing. History buffs would delight in what remains of a cannonball oven during the Napoleonic era, as well as a gun emplacement from World War II.

Pointe Croisette

Head back to the mainland and find your way to Pointe Croisette. There are several dining places in this peninsula, as well as various sights to enjoy. Stade des Hespérides can be found at the heart of Pointe Croisette and across it, there’s Jardin des Hespérides. If you want to go for a late afternoon swim, there’s Plage Gazagnaire and Handiplage. You can also enjoy sunset views in one of the green spaces in Pointe Croisette: Square de Verdun and Jardin d’enfants.