Where to stay in mexico city
Visiter Mexico: Centro Historico - L'Avenue du 20 Novembre, vue du Zocalo, la nuit

Where to Stay in Mexico City: The Best Neighborhoods

Mexico City is a huge, stunning labyrinth. It is one of the most populous cities on the planet. Although Mexico City is safer for tourists than many metropolises around the world, the majority of tour guides suggest that you should always know where you are, since certain neighborhoods can be extremely dangerous. This also means that when you pick where to stay in Mexico City, you should be fully aware of the neighborhood you choose.

Here is a list of neighborhoods that are unavoidable. Are they a good place to stay?

Where to Stay in Mexico City: Centro Historico

Centro Historico is a bit like “Old Mexico City”, in the sense that it’s the tourist center of the capital. Many of the hotels and inns are in this small neighborhood. The origin of the historical center of Mexico City dates back to Tenochtitlan — the Aztec city destroyed by Spanish conquistadors. The Zocalo, considered as the main square, is one of the largest in the world. The Palacio Nacional, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Latinoamericana Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, and no less than 21 museums lie within the boundaries of the most inevitable district of the city.