travel luggage trolley bags with pockets and compartments - photo by under CC0 / Public Domain
travel luggage trolley bags with pockets and compartments - photo by under CC0 / Public Domain


While at the airport, it is not unusual to see throngs of people milling around with wheeled luggage in tow. And it makes one think about the convenience of not having to carry the weight of your belongings on your back or shoulders most of the time. Here are some options for travel bags with wheels online:

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Travel Bags with Wheels Online – Rolling Suitcases/Luggage

This seems to be a popular option for “traditional” travelers. These rolling suitcases are common sights in airport terminals.  Rolling suitcases come in different sizes and many of them are made with sturdy materials that can withstand the demands of luggage transport routines. They are recommended for people who travel for business or family visits. If you are out on a road trip or bound for an urban area, a rolling suitcase would be a good bet.


Hard-shell Rolling Suitcases/Luggage

These rolling suitcases are made from complex materials with names that are challenging to pronounce. While strong and durable, some of them do not weigh much. They allow you to organize your belongings into two compartments through their clamshell packing design. However, their stiff exterior makes it difficult to squeeze them into overhead bins.

Soft Rolling Suitcases/Luggage

If it is flexibility you want, go for soft rolling suitcases.  Soft rolling suitcases are more commonly used for carry-on luggage because they are easier to fit into overhead bins. These bags also typically have exterior pockets where you can store items that you need to access easily while traveling.

Travel Bags with Wheels Online – Wheeled Duffel Bags

Traveling with a bunch of odd-shaped possessions? Stuffing them inside a duffel bag easily comes to mind. If you do not fancy wrestling with a duffel bag during your trip, choosing one with wheels is the solution. Wheeled duffel bags are great options for those who are traveling with bulky gear or those who are going on a family trip or road trip.

Wheeled Backpacks

Those who prefer traveling with a backpack but do not wish to carry all the weight on their backs the entire trip can rejoice in the existence of wheeled backpacks. These are quite popular among adventure travelers who wish to combine mobility and flexibility. Heavy foot traffic? Get the pack on your back. And once the foot traffic becomes thin, you can get the pack off your back, pull the handles and start towing your bag.


Remember the Size Restrictions

In choosing a travel bag with wheels, make sure you keep the airline restrictions for carry-on luggage in mind. Generally, your bag should be no more than 56cm in length, 45cm in width and 25cm in depth. Make sure to include the handles, wheels and bulk of the exterior pockets when measuring.

Two Wheels versus Four Wheels

Two-wheeled bags are best for maneuvering on uneven surfaces. Their wheels are generally recessed into a case, saving some packing space. However, they can place a lot of strain on your shoulders and wrists when you tow them behind you. On the other hand, the wheels on four-wheeled bags or “spinners” can rotate 360 degrees. This means you can maneuver your bag whatever direction you like. However, their wheels generally protrude, taking up precious space in overhead bins. There is also the possibility of wheels snapping off or suffering damage while in storage during transit.