Cedric Lizotte

Get Out of Your Hotel: Northern Jamaica

Marinated, cooked on wood coals and logs, covered with metal sheets to keep the meats moist, Scotchie’s pork, chicken and sausage, paired with a good Jamaican beer, is pure pleasure....
Things to Do in Oaxaca

The 8 Oaxaca Must See Destinations

Zucchini flower quesadillas, chapulines (fried grasshoppers), moles (rich complex sauces), chocolate like you’ve never had before, carne asada (make-your-own-taco stalls), chicharron (deep-fried pork skin)......

RECIPE: Cocktail – Grapefruit League

This is a cocktail which is made in a single container. No mess! Put all the ingredients in the glass, close the glass, shake, open the glass. Enjoy....

Like sushi? Try these 6 Japanese dishes

Japanese food isn’t only sushi – in fact Japanese people will eat sushi once every 10 days and definitely not every day! And teppanyaki doesn’t really count either: it’s a special-occasion, high-end, restaurant dish. ...

The City Travel subway systems in the world, one by one

There are terrible subway systems everywhere around the world, when there even is a subway system. Thankfully, there sometimes are subway systems that entirely exceed our expectations. Here’s a list of the best urban underground train systems in the world....

Cedric Lizotte

Freelance journalist. Food, travel, tech, photo.

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