Cedric Lizotte

La Pergola, Rome - Foie gras parfait

La Pergola, Rome – Quite the Ordeal

ROME, Italy – Being treated to a wonderful fine dining restaurant is one thing. Being invited by one of the most iconic celebrity chefs out there – Heinz Beck –...
Taxi - Arnaques de voyage

Top-10 Travel Scams to Watch Out For

To venture into exotic terrain is to also find ourselves in a place where we become the target of several potential scammers. Here are the most common travel scams....
Munich Food Guide

Munich Food Guide: All The Classics!

MUNICH, Germany - The capital of Bavaria is known for its beer festival, Oktoberfest, and it dictates what to eat in Munich. Every year people drink hundreds of...

What Should I Expect from Goa: Anything Goes

In India, the smallest province is also the richest. Life in Goa Beach, pristine coastline on the Arabian Sea, Indo-Portuguese enclave in an Anglo-Indian country, is nothing like the rest of India....
Pageou, : Raviolis de canard

Munich Restaurants: Pageou, for Lunch

MUNICH, Germany - The majority of the grandiose, neo-baroque architecture of the city of Munich obviously did not survive the Second World War. Almost everythin...

Cedric Lizotte

Freelance journalist. Food, travel, tech, photo.

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